Are Your Actions Consistent with Your Values?

Are Your Actions Consistent with Your Values?

Become a more respected leader by learning to consistently act in accordance with your values

Updated Aug 28, 2017

It’s important our actions and behaviors are consistent with the values we talk about with our team. When we discuss the importance of particular behaviors, yet do something different, we’re really telling the team these values aren’t important. Yet when our actions match our words, we find our team clearly understands what is expected, has greater respect for us, and tend to integrate these values into how they do their work and interact with others. The course presents 12 core values on the Value Ranking Sheet. You will review these values, determine their level of importance to you, and select one or two you will take to strengthen the consistency of your actions as they relate your individual values.

Course Accreditation

This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute). An Elearning! Magazine Excellence Award Winner: Leadership Development Learning Track. This course is part of Vado's Leadership Development learning track which has been approved for 3.25 hours of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Professional Development Credits (PDCs).