Appropriate Workplace Behaviour

Appropriate Workplace Behaviour

Gain an understanding of discrimination, bullying, harassment, and the national legislative and regulatory frameworks.

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Updated Jul 23, 2019

This Appropriate Workplace Behaviour training content is developed with and endorsed by Ian McNeil of Safepeople a experienced investigator specialising in workplace bullying allegations in Australian local and state government not for profit and commercial sectors.

Target Audience

Suitable for all employees and management to develop basic knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and culture.

Business Outcomes

  • Improve workplace culture and staff satisfaction by supporting workers and management to identify and develop skills to address and prevent Bullying and Harassment in the workplace.
  • Raise overall workforce performance and culture by supporting workers and managemnt to identify and develop skills to address the people related actions that can cause a breakdown of safe and equitable practices.
  • Improve workplace productivity and culture by providing all staff with a guide to understanding appropriate social media usage in the workplace.