Appreciative Inquiry Case: Poor Reputation

Appreciative Inquiry Case: Poor Reputation

Seven Dimensions
Updated Apr 16, 2020

Kylie Bell’s final case study is a local government organization which successfully redefined its service provision, using the 5D process.

The local government organization felt its reputation was poor, based on its service provision. They recast (defined) the problem as wanting a positive perception of their service. They discovered stories of when they received positive feedback from the community, and then created a dream of delivering best service. They went into designing ways to make that happen, and then imagining what it would be like when the community and they had developed a positive regard for each other.

This program is one of the Insights and Strategies Series, featuring psychologist Eve Ash interviewing a range of experts and business leaders who share their experiences and practical strategies for achieving best practice.

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Business Outcomes

This program will provide viewers with skills and strategies about researching and problem solving.