Applied Marketing for Managers - Lecture 3 - Microenvironments, Industry and Market

Applied Marketing for Managers - Lecture 3 - Microenvironments, Industry and Market

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Updated Oct 24, 2019

Course Overview

This is an overview of the entire subject, spanning 5 lectures/modules. Each module will relate to varying components of the whole subject overview.

In this course you will learn key marketing concepts including the principles of marketing, the marketing planning process and marketing environmental analysis. In this subject you will learn how to analyse the marketing environment by using tools such as PESTLE, Five-Forces, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Value Chain and Marketing Plan Templates. You will examine current marketing practice in a diverse range of marketing contexts and you will be introduced to the marketing functions required to establish competitive positioning and manage marketing decisions in the firm. This unit will provide you with the skills to evaluate effectively, manage and design the marketing function and to contribute to a firm’s future marketing direction through applying modern marketing thought.

Learning Objectives

This course will allow you to comprehensively understand:

  • Microenvironments – Industry And Market
  • What is the difference between an industry and a sector?
  • A Common Mistake
  • Market
  • Market Analysis
  • Internal firm analysis and environment – Analysis
  • Enterprise Value Chain Analysis
  • Porter's Value Chain: Understanding How Value is created within Organisations
  • Elements in Porter's Value Chain
  • Performing the TOWS & Building Conversion Strategies