Applied Economics for Managers - Lecture 2: Macroeconomics

Applied Economics for Managers - Lecture 2: Macroeconomics

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Updated Apr 02, 2020

This module forms part of the course Applied Economics for Managers

This is an overview of the entire subject, spanning 5 lectures/modules. Each module will relate to varying components of the whole subject overview.

This subject has been designed to introduce the fundamental principles of economic theories, models and tools employed by the Government, firms and other stakeholders to manage the economy. The subject examines various micro and macroeconomics topics, including demand and supply model, cost of production, resource allocation, market structures and market failures, macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, economic growth, inflation and unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, and international trade. In this subject, students will also learn how to analyse the labour market, financial market and global economic issues such as financial and other crises.