Amazon Web Services, Part 4 of 8: Storage and Virtual Machines

Amazon Web Services, Part 4 of 8: Storage and Virtual Machines

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Updated Aug 15, 2018

Course Description

The backbone to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is cloud storage, used by millions of companies around the world. Review the various AWS cloud storage offerings to figure out which is best for your business before taking a deep dive into storage options, classes, and security. Next, examine the power behind AWS’s cloud services: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. With the ability to start a project in minutes, and tear is down just as quickly, EC2 instances allow you to determine your costs in minutes instead of days. Discover which types of EC2 instances are best for various uses, and how to start, add storage to, and shut down your instances. Finally, see how instances are started on Linux and Microsoft, how to connect them to SSH, and how to install software onto them.


The AWS Essentials course is for those who are new to Amazon Web Services. You will be introduced to AWS, setting up your own AWS account, and an overview of all of the AWS services. We also dive deeper into AWS's core services. This course assumes a basic understanding of cloud services, but no previous experience with AWS is assumed or required.


  • Storage Overview
  • Object Lifecycle, Versioning, and Permissions
  • EC2 Overview
  • Instance Types and AMI
  • EBS and Snapshots
  • Launch an EC2