Allergy Awareness (CPD certified)

Allergy Awareness (CPD certified)

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Updated Jun 19, 2020

Course Description

Food allergies are really serious and people with them can die. Did you know there are 14 major food allergies? Food allergens can cause life-threatening reactions and ailments in people that could be avoided by knowing what to look for. Allergens need to be mentioned on labels or menus, but if you are not aware of which foods they are in and they are given to a person with an allergy then this could cause serious risk which could leave them with physical and emotional trauma.

This course covers the following topics: -

  • Understand the 14 most common food allergies
  • Spot allergen-containing foods
  • Understand the different reactions associated with food allergies
  • Recognise the difference between mild and severe symptoms
  • Understand the seriousness of anaphylaxis and what to do in an emergency

Why should you take this course?

Use this course as a tool to raise awareness of allergies and understand how to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

This course is essential training for everyone who prepares and works around food, whether working in a school or in a restaurant.

It will guide you through the different allergies and when allergens are used as ingredients in food so you can keep your catering environment safe for people and be aware of different reactions and reduce the hassle of unnecessary checks. It also covers steps to take should you encounter an allergic reation.