Allergy and special diets aware (food handlers)

Allergy and special diets aware (food handlers)

Professional Hospitality Training
Updated Apr 12, 2019

Course Overview
Allergy Awareness training for food and drink service staff has been a legal obligation in the UK since December 2014 but there is still a lack of awareness in businesses of the implications of not carrying this out. Staff cannot say ‘they don’t know’ in response to a customer question and understand the danger of ‘bluffing’ an answer. A recent prosecution has taken place resulting in 6 year prison sentence of a restaurant owner and regular surveys still show that 70-80% of customers don’t trust staff to give the correct information.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 14 major allergens and foods that contain them
  • State the action to take if you do not know the answer to a customer questions
  • Identify key allergic reactions and the action you should take
  • Identify key nutrients in food
  • Operational front of house staff in hotels, restaurants and bars to develop their knowledge and skills and comply with legal requirements

Target Audience
The modules will contribute to the guided learning hours for those staff completing a hospitality apprenticeship in Food and Drink Service or one of the Cookery programmes.

60 minutes