Active Listening: Steps to Developing Better Listening Skills

Active Listening: Steps to Developing Better Listening Skills

By mastering the skill of active listening, you will unlock the ability to build deeper relationships and communicate more effectively than ever before. Join this course to learn about the common mistakes we all make when listening to people, and discover how active listening can have a huge impact on your personal and professional success. This course is ideal for junior and aspiring managers, as well as anyone who would like to work on their personal and professional development.

Updated Feb 20, 2019

Course Overview 

Listen with your FEAT!

In our fast-paced world we may not believe there's time to listen. But listening effectively can save a lot of wasted time. Try this topic to find out the listening mistakes you make and how to put them right.

Target Audience 

Great for junior and aspiring managers and for individuals who would like to work on their professional personal development.

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain why it is important to listen effectively
  • Identify specific strengths and weaknesses in listening skills
  • Know the four elements of effective listening
  • Describe an appropriate environment for effective listening
  • Identify the correct thinking style for effective listening
  • Describe the emotional aspects of effective listening
  • Describe the key actions that result in effective listening

Business Outcomes  

Improved communications


15 Minutes