A Useful Guide To Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

A Useful Guide To Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

The BCF Group
Updated Oct 24, 2019

Each of us will view a situation from our own frame of reference, which includes our beliefs and values. Beliefs are deeply held opinions about ourselves, others and the world around us. When our strongly held beliefs and values are challenged we may feel it keenly and want to defend our position or blame someone else for their ‘unreasonable’ stance.

Benefits of using this Useful Guide

This Useful Guide is for Dealing with Difficult Behaviour, which is designed to help you develop strategies for dealing with a range of behaviour types that you may have come across in the workplace.

Difficult Behaviour: What it is

Our beliefs can impact in other ways too. Most of us will have some unhelpful beliefs which influence our thinking and so make it hard for us to approach situations objectively. These may be about our own skills and abilities, how we stack up against other people etc. That is why it is important to check how our beliefs and values might impact on our response to others before we take action.