A Useful Guide To Business Cases

A Useful Guide To Business Cases

The BCF Group
Updated Oct 24, 2019

A lot of time in organisations is spent sorting out misunderstandings, miscommunication and poorly argued proposals. With some method and careful execution a lot of this can be avoided through a well-designed business case.

Benefits of using this Useful Guide

This Useful Guide will give you an overview of the business case method, a thorough understanding of your role, how to work with others on a business case and how to deliver it successfully. It shows you how to make sure the essential facts are correctly analysed for decision-making and then presented in a coherent and convincing way.

Business Cases: What it is

The Useful Guide shows where the business case fits into the overall process of decision-making and change delivery. It then describes the practical aspects of case preparation and presentation and gives some worked examples to illustrate important points.