7 Steps To Build & Maintain Connections

7 Steps To Build & Maintain Connections

Skillshub Ltd
Updated Apr 27, 2021

How do we build, develop and maintain client relationships?

The Skillshub “7 Steps To Build and Maintain Connections With Your Clients” course focuses on the importance of maintaining connections with our clients to help with our future sales interactions. In this course we’ll discuss how to use CONNECT – Conscious, organised, needs, negotiate, emotion, create and take action. By following these steps and having consistency in your sales approach, will help you build and maintain a good customer relationship and achieve your business objectives.

Once the course is completed, you will have the skillset to be fully organised to show your clients how you can help and support them with business requirements in the future.

The Skillshub Rapid Recall Microlearning Series is made up of a Video, Action Planning, Cheat Sheet, Coaching Blueprint and Session Notes to allow you to take action back in the workplace. The session also requires you to pass a quick-fire quiz with a maximum of three multiple choice questions.