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ITIL Intermediate: OSA Operational Support & Analysis "Lite"

Scott Tunn

ITIL Intermediate: OSA Operational Support & Analysis "Lite"

Scott Tunn

The OSA "lite" course has been developed to give you an insight to the intermediate level OSA (Operational Support & Analysis) of a service using Best Practice and the ITIL® Framework.

The target audience for this course are individuals who aspire to or who do manage services and want to learn how to better manage day to day operations of a service using Best Practice.

This course covers off on the first two modules of the full OSA course, as well as a clear high level overview of the remainder topics. You will be able to easily understand what the topics are included in the OSA course, and if the full OSA course is right for you. As the intermediate courses are long, and challenging and can cost up to $4000, you want to make an informed decision if this is right for you prior to spending that hard earned cash.

There are four levels of certification within the scheme:

  1. Foundation - Receive 2 credit for passing exam (one course only)
  2. Intermediate - Receive 3 credits for life cycle and 4 credits for capability courses (per course) (10 courses in total.)
  3. Expert - To become an expert a MALC (Managing Across the Life Cycle) course is required which sits above the intermediate level. 17 Credits are required to sit this course.
  4. Master - You are an ITIL® Master once you reach this level, only a handful in the wold hold this certification.

Successfully passing the Foundation exam is mandatory before you can progress to the intermediate courses, and to become an expert you will need a total of 22 credits.

ITIL® is supported by a comprehensive qualifications scheme, accredited training organisations, and implementation and assessment tools.

  • Increase your chances of future employment
  • ITIL® is increasingly becoming the sought after qualification on job descriptions
  • A recent survey by Plexent (January 2012) showed that the average US salary for ITIL® related jobs was over $108,000 per annum

Please Note - This is NOT the ITIL® Intermediate (OSA) course and is not intended to help with the passing of the ITIL® intermediate Exam. IT is a high level overview ONLY. To qualify to sit the intermediate exam you will require a certificate of completion received from the ATO + submission of your foundation certificate.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Introduction to ITIL®
  • ITIL® Snapshot, Best Practice and an overview of the Service Lifecycle
  • Understand the Purpose and Objectives of Service Operation
  • Understand the Scope of Service Operation
  • How OSA brings Value to the Business
  • The context of OSA Activities
  • The fundamentals of optimizing Service Operation Performance
  • The overall structure of OSA and what the full certification includes

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for those who have studied the ITIL® foundation course, and are looking to get certified in intermediate, but are unsure which intermediate course to take. After completing this course you will know immediately if its the best step to take to continue on to the full course.

What are the requirements?

  • ITIL® Foundation course is essential. Any student is able to purchase and study this course, however if you wish to sit the intermediate exam, the complete course will need to be undertaken, and to sit the exam a foundation certificate will need to be provided before an exam voucher is sent to the candidate.