How to sell more handmade, affiliate & digital products NOW!

Alex Genadinik

How to sell more handmade, affiliate & digital products NOW!

Alex Genadinik
A$205per person
A$205per person

LATEST: Course Updated On October, 2016 To Include The Following Lectures:

  • New way to sell on Facebook that's only been made possible on October 3rd after Facebook released a new feature to help you sell products


What you will learn in this sales course

  • How to get more traffic to your products or sales pages
  • How to sell more effectively once you get more traffic
  • How to increase your sales conversions
  • Many places to sell your products or services

For most of the products or services you sell, the sales process will consist of 3 major parts

  1. Creating product listings in ways in which you can drive traffic to them
  2. Getting traffic to your products
  3. Converting the visitors to buyers

Absolutely jam-packed with actionable sales tips and strategies

You will learn to use almost any website or marketing tactic on the web to drive large amounts of traffic to your sales pages, and multiple techniques for how to convert those visitors into clients.

If you are not generating enough sales, and are looking for ways to grow your sales, this is absolutely the course for you. You will be extremely happy that you took this course. And the best part is that you can begin working on many of the strategies presented in the course the very same day that you finish the course!

Who this sales course is for

If you have any digital or non-digital products you want to sell online or offline, this is a great course for you.

This course is also for people who are looking for ways to make money online. You will learn to sell anything, and get a sense for what kinds of things can be sold, and good ways to sell them.

Sell even if you don't have products

A part of the course will teach you how to have physical products created even if you currently don't have physical products that you can sell! You will have your mind blown by what is possible.

How this sales course is structured

This course started out being about an hour and a half in length, but over time I have been adding lectures to it, and it is not five and a half hours in length. That means that this sales course is absolutely full with effective sales strategies that you can immediately implement in your business. This sales course starts by giving you some sales fundamentals. After that, this sales course covers SEO for Google and large ecommerce websites to help you drive traffic to your products.

After that the sales course covers specific sales techniques and strategies. The course will also teach you how to use various pricing strategies in order to sell more products whether your product is a premium or a discount item.

What kinds of businesses or products be promoted with this sales course?

The strategies in this sales course are universal that almost all businesses use. This is what makes this course so unique and applicable to your unique situation.

With the strategies in this sales course, you can promote a wide variety of businesses. Some of the kinds of businesses you can promote are a restaurant or diner, coffee shop, barbershop, nightclub, local event, business selling t-shirts, most kinds of stores ranging from boutiques to grocery stores to jewlery shops, animal care or grooming, lawn care or landscaping businesses, moving businesses, gym, frozen yogurt or ice cream shop, a deli, liquor store or a sandwich shop, a a beauty salon or a hair salon, a spa, a daycare business, a hardware store, commercial cleaning or residential cleaning, car wash, general contractor business, dog walking or pet sitting, martial arts studio, or a dance studio.

Here is a list of potential online businesses you can grow by using the strategies in this sales course: blogging, affiliate marketing, elearning, create a channel on YouTube, become an author and sell books on Amazon and the Kindle, or become a freelancer or a local concierge. 

Sign up for this sales course now

This sales course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee backed by Udemy and also myself so there is no risk to sign up for this sales course. If you don't like this sales course for any reason, just get your money back.

But I know that you will get a wealth of information from this sales course, and you will be thrilled that you took it. This course is jam-packed with incredible information which will make you a better salesperson and marketer of your products, and cover the cost of the course by helping you make more money.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Sell more products
  • Learn how to increase sales conversion
  • Make more money with whatever you are selling
  • Write better headlines and sales text that gets people to buy
  • Understand how to use pricing strategies to squeeze out the most profit
  • Sell more on Amazon
  • Know of many places online where you can sell your products
  • Know the basics of how to get your product listing page to rank better in Google search
  • Know how to create a great sales page that converts
  • Have more ideas of sites from which you can drive traffic to your products

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People with online businesses
  • Book authors
  • Learn strategies that increase your referrals

What are the requirements?

  • Paypal account or electronic banking account to recieve payments
  • You should want to make either some extra cash or a full time wage with sales from your own business