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How to Make Raindrops & Rack Focus FX in After Effects


How to Make Raindrops & Rack Focus FX in After Effects


Welcome to MotionAce – Digital Arts and Online Learning!

Have you ever looked out a window on a rainy day and thought to yourself, “Wow, it would sure be fantastic to reproduce this in Adobe After Effects?”  Well, you’ve come to the right course!  Inside the intermediate-level curriculum of this fun and exciting project, you’ll learn how to produce realistic raindrops in a cinematic scene with a dynamic camera blur effect.  You’ll receive expert instruction by an experienced motion graphics artist while developing your own unique creative and technical skills.  You’ll discover the methods and practices of fine video production workmanship while learning essentials of the After Effects software program.  You’ll receive tips of the motion graphics trade all along the way in this course.  Best of all, you’ll have a keen understanding of what it takes to create real-world raindrop and camera blur-and-focus effects in any HD scene using professional-grade tools.

You’ll be able to master principles and techniques, such as:

  • Scene aesthetics
  • Particle effects and parameters
  • Procedural effects
  • Color correction
  • Compositing
  • Alpha layers
  • Light refraction
  • Rain surface dynamics
  • Title effects
  • Cinematic principles
  • Camera rack focus

Taught using Adobe After Effects CS5.5 for PC.  No additional third-party plugins needed.  Clouds not included.

Come on in!  The water is fine.  See you in the course!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create realistic rain drop effects
  • Create a camera rack focus-and-blur effect
  • Create a dynamic background title
  • Produce a cinematic rain scene using HD footage

What is the target audience?

  • Video producers seeking to produce new visual effects in After Effects
  • Intermediate users (or strong beginners)

What are the requirements?

  • Adobe After Effects CS 5 or newer (demo version available at Adobe's website)
  • Basic knowledge of After Effects interface
  • PC or Mac computer