How to Develop Your Employees - Action Steps (Manager Skills)

Keith Tatley
2 hrs

How to Develop Your Employees - Action Steps (Manager Skills)

Keith Tatley
2 hrs
$49per person
$49per person

When your employees are learning and growing then your team will perform. But if your employees do not have the skills they need to do a good job then your job as a boss will be impossible.

Some people think that employee development is time consuming and ineffective.

This course shows you how to develop your employees in under 10 minutes per week. This has the action steps you need to:

  1. Secure your employees commitment to the development process
  2. Ensure your employee development has real business benefits
  3. Identify training resources
  4. Produce an action plan and training contract and
  5. Track progress and keep your employees on track

The secret to manager success is that you succeed when your employees succeed. This is why developing your employees is an essential manager skill.

This course is for:

  • Newer or aspirational managers who want to develop their manager skills
  • More experienced managers who want to improve their management technique to engage and retain employees
  • Professionals in HR or Learning & Development to show how to instil a culture of learning into your organisation
Introduction to Employee Development
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Employee Development Action Steps
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Action Step 5: Collaborate to Identify Training Resourcesresource
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Practical Exercise
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Tips to Get More from Employee Development

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