How Food Should Taste

Imran Hussain

How Food Should Taste

Imran Hussain
A$35per person
A$35per person

Are you prone to cooking the same food, in the same way but wish you were more adventurous?

Do you actually know how to tell if food is seasoned right? Is your meal balanced or is it too sweet?

Learn fundamental concepts of good cooking that are reusable across all recipes.

This course is for anyone who want to improve their cooking ability and consistently produce tasty meals without following any recipe cards.

One day I was feeling adventurous following the recipes of an outstanding celebrity chef, were I needed to get hold of a particular Bavarian sausage as it added the right flavour “that made the dish”. I popped down to my local supermarket and low and behold they were all out (well, they never actually stocked it). So was the dish doomed, yes … not because I didn’t have the sausage I didn’t how to replicate with another ingredient to get the same affect.

Therefore, I learned how to taste properly, flavour pair and balance tastes and this course is the journey of it.

I break down the course so you can learn to taste properly, at the primary taste level and then how to learn flavour pairings from your favourite meals.

This course is more FUN than functional but it will expand your “foodie” experience and turn you from chef-groupie to rock-star cook!

However, this course is not for everyone:

  • If you are an extreme fussy eater and not willing to try new foods (you will have to try different foods to develop you palette in this course)
  • Expert recipe followers who can get hold of every rare ingredient required for their meals (ALL INGREDIENTS IN THIS COURSE CAN BE FOUND AT ANY LOCAL SUPERMARKET)
  • Lazy people – you will need to dedicate time to expand your knowledge by dissecting flavours of tasty meals (Ideally once a week bit minimum one a month)
  • People on fad diets as there is eating involved (including chocolate)
  • Don’t want to cook for other people period (if you are not a confident cook then this course is for you)

Change the way you think about food!!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn about primary tastes, flavour sensations and aromas
  • Test your tongue to see how to balance meals for you
  • Create your own recipes
  • How to season and balance a meal

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting to improve their cooking

What are the requirements?

  • Some basic ingredients (see shopping list)
  • Time (min once a month) to carry out exercises
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