Hospitality Library

Training Today
10 hrs

Hospitality Library

Training Today
10 hrs
$1,792per person
$1,792per person

Library Overview

TrainingToday’s Hospitality Library provides employers in the Lodging, Food Service, and Tourism industries with a complete suite of training course for employees at all levels of guest services. From restaurant server basics to cash-handling essentials, alcohol rules to laundry room safety, we’ve got the quick and easy courses you need to keep customers coming back again and again, workers’ comp claims under control, and your hospitality organization in compliance with employment laws.

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Library Contents
Avoiding Back Injuriesinteractive
Avoiding Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogensinteractive
Avoiding Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (Spanish)interactive
Back Safety (Spanish)interactive
Bloodborne Pathogens - General (Spanish)interactive
Customer Service Skills: How We Can All Improveinteractive
Diversity for All Employeesinteractive
Diversity for All Employees (Spanish)interactive
Emergency Action and Fire Preventioninteractive
Emergency Action and Fire Prevention (Spanish)interactive
Event Planning Basicsinteractive
Front Desk Operationsinteractive
Food Service Safetyinteractive
Guest Managementinteractive
Handling Moneyinteractive
Handling Customer Complaintsinteractive
Housekeeper Safetyinteractive
Housekeeper Safety (Spanish)interactive
How to Be a Great Restaurant Serverinteractive
Kitchen Safetyinteractive
Kitchen Safety (Spanish)interactive
Laundry Safetyinteractive
Laundry Safety (Spanish)interactive
Personal Hygiene and Good Groominginteractive
Preventing Food Contaminationinteractive
Preventing Food Contamination (Spanish)interactive
Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employeesinteractive
Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Supervisorsinteractive
Security for the Hospitality Industryinteractive
Serving Alcohol Responsiblyinteractive
Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need to Know (Spanish)interactive
Sexual Harassment: What Employees Need to Know Courseinteractive
Violence in the Workplace: How to Prevent and Defuse for Supervisorsinteractive
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