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Gaming Essentials

Time to Impress
2 hrs

Gaming Essentials

Time to Impress
2 hrs
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry for free
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry for free

Course Overview

Gaming Essentials by Time to Impress, provides foundation training for every aspect of gaming service, with a particular focus on guest privacy and using practical examples based on real-life situations. The course is 120 minutes in length and taught entirely through video.

Target Audience

This course is intended for all staff that deal with customers in gaming venues, irrespective of their role. Each time a team member communicates with a gaming guest, they are presented with an opportunity to meet the guest’s needs, or potentially breach their privacy and lose them forever.  

Learning Objectives

The course covers 11 essential-to-understand topics, ranging from gaming philosophy and the greeting, to dealing with money, hardware, gameplay, attitude, teamwork, adaptive service and more. It sets a sound benchmark to ensure all staff understand and meet base-level expectations in gaming service. 

Business Outcomes

By making sure all staff understand what service standards are expected by gaming customers, this course ensures your guests leave – and come back – happy. For managers and organisations, this course aims to protect against those many scenarios where small service mistakes can result in the loss of a VIP customer. 

Gaming Essentials
Gaming Philosophy (Part 1)video • 8 mins
Gaming Philosophy (Part 2)video • 5 mins
Gaming Philosophy Quizquiz
Gaming Awareness (Part 1)video • 8 mins
Gaming Awareness (Part 2)video • 9 mins
Gaming Awareness Quizquiz
Dealing with Moneyvideo • 9 mins
Dealing with Money Quizquiz
The Gaming Industryvideo • 7 mins
The Gaming Industry Quizquiz
Hardware and Gameplay (Part 1)video • 4 mins
Hardware and Gameplay (Part 2)video • 7 mins
Hardware and Gameplay Quizquiz
Pre-Arrival – Ambiance (Part 1)video • 6 mins
Pre-Arrival – Ambiance (Part 2)video • 5 mins
Pre-Arrival – Ambiance Quizquiz
Pre-Arrival – Ready for Customers (Part 1)video • 4 mins
Pre-Arrival – Ready for Customers (Part 2)video • 5 mins
Pre-Arrival – Ready for Customers Quizquiz
Arrival – Meet and Greetvideo • 6 mins
Arrival – Meet & Greet Quizquiz
Gameplay – Attitude and Teamworkvideo • 6 mins
Gameplay – Attitude and Teamwork Quizquiz
Gameplay – Adaptive Servicevideo • 8 mins
Gameplay – Adaptive Service Quizquiz
Leavingvideo • 4 mins
Leaving Quizquiz