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Get your construction industry training – online. From White Card certification, to workplace safety and compliance, online training courses are a great way to improve employee skills and knowledge.
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CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
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The White Card is also known as the ‘General Construction Induction Card’ or the ‘Blue Card’ in the past. It’s compulsory for anyone who wishes to work in the construction industry in Australia.   The Nationally Accredited Unit of Competency CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry, is designed to teach you the skills required to undertake work health and safety induction training within the construction industry.  Additionally, this unit of competency helps you to demonstrate your personal awareness of WHS legislative requirements and the basic risk management principles to prevent illness and injury in the construction industry.   Further information on this unit of competency can be found here – such as Elements and Performance Criteria, Required Skills and Knowledge   The accredited unit – “CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry” – forms part of the CPC08 – Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package. Under the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work and Mutual Recognition, general induction training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation is accepted in all States and Territories. This course is also recognised and nationally accredited under the standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework. Requirements You need the following to begin your White Card course: Unique Student Identifier (USI) number: All students undertaking accredited training in Australia require a USI number. Your personal information entered for your USI must exactly match the details in your training account with us. Click here to create. Personal information: We will need your email, full name, street address, mailing address (if applicable), date of birth and phone number to create an account for you. Photo Identification: You will need to provide a copy of your current photographic identification to commence the course. This document will be used at the completion of the course and will need to be certified by a JP and submitted with a Statutory Declaration. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment: To complete the final assessment in this course you will need to provide and demonstrate the correct fitting of the following PPE items. You must have access to these items for your face to face assessment to our assessor: hard hat high vis vest eye protection hearing protection International Students This course is not valid for International Students on a Student Visa. Please Contact a CRICOS provider if you want to complete this course. Next Steps You can sign up and start your training immediately once you have your USI. On average, and dependent upon your pace, our course completion time is two to six hours. Our six stage course requires you complete online assessments in stages one to four consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions. The fifth stage assessment is your real time video assessment consisting of oral questions and your demonstration of fitting your PPE. In the final stage of the course you are required to complete and submit a Statutory Declaration including specified identification documents. These documents must both be signed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations within Australia. Once we have received your documents, one of our trainers may phone you to undertake a validation check – please be available within the 24 hours after submitting your documents to take this phone call. Once the validation check is successfully completed (if applicable) you are then marked competent and will be immediately issued with a Statement of Attainment via email.   You will be issued with your physical White Card via post, which is valid Australia-wide. Many of our students require their White Card urgently and provide the Statement of Attainment to their employers as proof of completion, while their card is posted to them in the mail. We can also provide you with your individual White Card number if needed prior to mailing – just let us know! There are no hidden fees – our price includes postage and handling.   You have three (3) months to complete the course from date of purchase.   Language, Literacy and Numeracy Quiz After completing the White Card enrolment process, you will be required to complete a short 10 question Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) quiz to assist us in determining if we need to provide you with any additional assistance in completing your training. The quiz requires a pass rate of 90% and is a combination of multiple choice and written questions. You must pass this quiz, as a condition of beginning your accredited online training. If these adjustments are not suitable to your needs, we will refer you to a more appropriate provider and provide a full refund. As our training is delivered online you will be required to have the skills to undertake training in this learning environment and as such reading has more emphasis. If you need any further information we’re available via email on [email protected]    Replacement Cards Replacement cards are available at a cost of $35 – which includes normal postage. We require a copy of your original Statement of Attainment, from the issuing Registered Training Organisation (RTO), together with a Statutory Declaration, signed by a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations. To arrange your replacement card, please contact us via telephone +61 7 3114 2958 or via email   Not sure if you need a White Card? Please refer to our guide below which outlines who is required to hold a White Card. Labourers, tradies, concreters, electricians, form workers, steel fixers, builders etc. New workers in construction industry All construction workers, supervisors and managers Anyone operating machinery on a construction site Anyone who will do housing or construction work in the near future Anyone who previously had a White Card, but has not worked in the construction industry for 2 years   White Card – General Information   Click here.   The RTO provider is etrainu. Course provider number #31345
Managing Workplace Bullying - Managers & Supervisors
Bullyology Upstander Academy
1 hr 30 mins
Course OverviewBullyology: Managing Workplace Bullying is a comprehensive award designed to give managers the skills, strategies and information they need to prevent bullying in work environments, understand its causes and effects and efficiently deal with it when it occurs.Complete parts 1 to 5 for full award.Target AudienceManagers & SupervisorsLearning ObjectivesTo understand current definitions of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination and also recognise what does not constitute bullying in the workplace.To be familiar with the two main types of typical bullying behaviours: direct (personal attacks) and indirect (task-related behaviours)To identify why bullying happens and the types of work environments in which it can flourishTo examine the motivations of bullies and how they choose their targetsTo be aware of the emotional/physical damage caused by workplace bullyingTo recognise the types of high-risk leadership, management and communication styles that might lead to an increase in workplace bullyingTo learn how to respond to employee bullying/harassment complaints quickly, assertively and with an appropriate level of supportTo understand how managers can become positive role models for workplace behaviourTo understand the legal, financial, health, reputation and productivity ramifications of failing to address bullying in the workplaceTo understand the increased worker’s compensation costs associated with bullying/mental health/stress-related issuesTo appreciate the key role that workplace leadership and organisational culture play in the prevention of bullyingTo understand the phenomenon of ‘presenteeism’, its relationship to bullying and its crippling effect on workplace productivityTo understand what an ‘upstander’ is, why they’re such an effective workplace bullying deterrent and how everyone (including managers) can become oneTo explore some common myths and misconceptions about bullying – and how these often prevent us from tackling the problem effectivelyHow to provide the right information to those affected by workplace bullying so they know where to go for helpTo recognise the importance of a clear, thoughtful anti-bullying policy – and why such policies are close to useless if not enforced by strong and supportive leadership at the management level.Business OutcomesA workplace that actively promotes a positive culture and proactively handles bullying incidents is much better equipped to protect their two most valuable assets: their staff and their business reputation. Failing to address bullying loses money, wastes time and alienates employees.This course will help your business to:Create a mutually respectful and professional workplaceBoost staff productivity and engagementSave time by streamlining the way you deal with bullying incidentsAddress negative behaviours fairly and supportivelyHelp management handle complex bullying situations more efficientlyCreate a more positive organisational culture where everyone feels valuedEnsure your managers are aware of (and comply with) laws applicable to workplace anti-discrimination, bullying and harassmentHelp your business establish a reputation as a fair employer that attracts (and keeps) top talent and cares about the health and well-being of its employees.
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