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Online Training for Employees in the Non-Profit Sector
We talked recently about the fact that many workers are leaving high-paid corporate positions to pursue a more meaningful career that aligns with their personal values. For these people, it’s often the non-profit sector that provides that important connection between values and job satisfaction. In fact, in today’s workforce, we’re seeing significant growth in the […]
Building Your Nonprofit Board - The Smart Way
Cindi Phallen
Many nonprofit leaders find themselves struggling for a clear direction without all the chaos. They are looking for committed volunteers they can count on to maximize the mission. If you want a more engaged board, more active volunteers, access to more resources and less stress, you’ll want to take this video training! ·There are 3 videos sections with 13 mini-videos designed for easy watching - whenever you want and you have lifetime access! (approx. 2 hours long total) ·These videos are packed with actionable content; I’ll be covering 9 topics all related to building your board. ·PLUS I give you a simple, downloadable 19-page Guide Book where you can take notes and answer questions that I developed to speed up how you can apply what you learn to your work; the appendix has a few templates for your use also. ·BONUS – free access to me via the discussion board or email, so I can continue to support your work! What am I going to get from this course? 1. Demonstrate how The Impact Triangle can dramatically change your results – mindset, relationships and winning practices 2. Identify why a clear vision and strategic priorities are critical to your success and how to leverage that vision 3. Explain how a board development committee can function as an essential part of your smart system. 4. Outline the 6 smart steps in selecting excellent board members 5. Ensure you are ready to provide a dynamic, relevant and successful orientation for new members 6. Outline the 6 smart steps to increasing engagement among board members so you can increase impact; and an additional 5 more smart steps related to engaging board members individually! 7. Examine how you can effectively provide development opportunities for your board members 8. Outline the 4 smart steps to evaluating board performance as part of creating a culture of accountability. 9. Introduce the 5 smart steps in succession planning so you can institutionalize your leadership practices. What is the target audience? Nonprofit board members Executive Directors Senior Staff What are the requirements? Any nonprofit leader - volunteer or staff - who works with board members will benefit. Things like organization size, type of mission, or how long you've been established do not matter. Be sure you have headphones, or a quiet place to listen through your device's speaker so you can hear clearly. Your guide book is needed to support your learning as you enjoy these videos, so print it out and grab a pen.
Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Freelance Writers
Tim Whitney
This course is designed for nonprofits that want to not only get better at writing successful proposals, but also get better at the process of researching and applying for foundation and government grants. The course is also for grant writers or freelance writers who want to offer their clients a more comprehensive approach to grant writing. When you’re done with the course, you’ll have assembled one of the most powerful tools a nonprofit can have – a proposal boilerplate. The boilerplate contains about 75% of the language you’ll need as you’re drafting proposals. Working on the boilerplate outside the pressure of a proposal deadline will result in language that is better-written, as well as more thoughtful and strategic. It will also set you up to be uber-efficient as you’re writing proposals in the future. Throughout this course we'll be using real examples and real language, and each lesson includes a transcript, so you can kickstart your own boilerplate. You’ll also be given strategies and tips for finding foundation and government grants, including: Identifying five relevant local foundations Gathering information about grants at the local, state, and federal level for you to start pursuing Finally, we’ll be walking through key strategies for completing solid applications, including: Letters of intent The budget Meeting a funder’s expectations Each video session includes two downloads: a PDF of the slides in handout format, and a Word document transcript. What am I going to get from this course? Identify relevant government and private foundation funders Draft solid and efficient proposal boilerplate language that can be used for years Strategically align funder priorities, organizational mission, program design, program budgets Use provided sample language as a guide in your own proposal writing What is the target audience? Nonprofits, particularly small and new nonprofits, or those struggling to develop funder relationships Freelance writers looking to add grant writing to their skillset What are the requirements? Writing software and Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view PDFs) The homework encourages students to focus on their nonprofit and its programs, so freelance writers should have a nonprofit / program in mind Student should have working knowledge of their organization's goals, programs, and priorities
100+ Fundraising Ideas for Your Non-Profit
Lorraine Arams
This course is about stimulating your creativity and imagination in service of the non-profit with which you are associated. Board members are charged with fundraising. Often, they get stuck. The old ways of fundraising aren't working any longer. They don't know what else to do. First things first are contained in the first part. Your organization's foundation must be well-structured and sound before thinking fundraising. The second part gives you loads of ideas - some old - some new. Whatever idea you have make sure it fits your group. You can combine some of these ideas to make your fundraiser even more spectacular. The third part contains some ideas which may stretch your ideas about fundraising or you may say - "It's so obvious. Why didn't we think of it?" There are a million and one fundraising ideas out there - this course is simply a stimulus for your group to put your brainstorming caps on and decide upon something. You can watch it over and over and over again - use it annually - and share your successes. I can add them to the course and help other groups. What am I going to get from this course? Imagine fundraising possibilities for your organization Create new fundraisers using these ideas to spark your imagination Combine the 100 plus ideas presented in this course to develop something new and exciting Get some tips and suggestions which may make a difference in your fundraising planning What is the target audience? Members of non-profit boards of directors charged with fundraising Non-profit staff who participate in fundraising brainstorming sessions What are the requirements? Anyone taking this course should have an idea of what fundraising is, who is in charge of fundraising for non-profits and have attended fundraisers
How To Start A Non-Profit With Limited Funds
Connie Lee
How To Start A Nonprofit With Limited Funds and Limited Contacts, By Instructor Connie J Lee. Whether you have limited funds or limited contacts, this is a great course to take if you want to learn the nonprofit business world. I will teach you, with examples and guides, on How to choose a name for your nonprofit Writing your Articles of Incorporation  Writing Bylaws Board of Directors and Responsibilities Grievance Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy Business Meeting Minutes Funding Marketing and Networking Filing for your 501 ( C ) 3 Tax Exempt Status Managing Your Nonprofit.   I guide you with examples and templates that are easy for you to use.  I leave my email address for any questions you have. We discuss and collaborate on your nonprofit ideas to turn your dreams into a reality. This is a highly recommended course! What am I going to get from this course? Students will have a better understanding of the daily operations of running a nonprofit business. They will be able to use these skills to change the lives of their communities and future generations by using the guides and techniques I have designed in this program. Students will be able to write their Bylaws, write their Articles of Incorporation, Find Funding Resources, Write a Business Plan, Write a Budget, Hold a Business Meeting Minutes, File for your Tax Exempt 501 (c) 3 Status, Marketing and Networking Tips What is the target audience? This course for anyone interested in learning more about the nonprofit business world, marketing, networking, and funding opportunities. Success and failure are up to you, for you get out of anything, what you put into it. What are the requirements? Before starting this course, you will need a computer, internet service, and a desire to work hard. Anyone who is interested in changing thier community and making a difference in the lives around them. Nonprofit entrepreneurs put in a lot of hours and work hard to make their businesses successful, to fulfill thier missions. Collaboration with others is key to their success. You cannot do it alone, nor will it be a success treated as a hobby. There are some very good marketing, networking, and funding resources, in this class, as well.
How to Make a Video That Doesn't Suck for Your Non-Profit
Benjamin Packard
This 14 part videos series covers the nuts and bolts of how to make a video for the non-profit you love.  Using real video case studies and a lot of ambiguously offensive humor, I will equip you with the bare necessities to make your first video.  Topics covered in this course include: Cameras Filming Lighting B-Roll Photographs Interview technique Music Content Distribution There are no needed materials, equipment or software needed for this course.  The course is structured into 14 short lecture videos.  This curriculum is perfect for anyone interested in creating their own videos for a non-profit or social enterprise.  What am I going to get from this course? create short compelling videos to share with their audience. What is the target audience? Marketing and communication people working for a non-profit or social enterprise. What are the requirements? Students will need a smartphone, tripod and a Mac or PC.
Plan for Success! Fundraising Planning for Nonprofits
Jessica Dreistadt
This course was designed to help nonprofit development staff and leaders develop a comprehensive, strategic annual plan to improve their organizations' fundraising results. Plan for Success! Fundraising Planning for Nonprofits includes 12 brief but information-rich lectures that walk students through every step of the process. In addition, students receive more than 10 worksheets that can be used to organize information to be used in the plan. After taking this class, students will be able to: cultivate more resources for your cause develop stronger and deeper relationships with donors create needs and resource assessments identify new funding opportunities develop a fundraising budget create strategic process and outcome goals coordinate the efforts of staff and volunteers create a detailed fundraising activity timeline articulate key messages Plan for Success! Fundraising Planning for Nonprofits will strengthen all of your development strategies, leading to more successful implementation of your organization's fundraising efforts as well as improved recognition and donor engagement. What am I going to get from this course? Create a strategic fundraising plan Raise more money for your nonprofit organization Identify your organization's fundraising resources, needs, and opportunities Create and achieve specific fundraising goals What is the target audience? This course will help people who are responsible for raising money for nonprofit organizations, including development and grant writing staff, executive directors, and members of boards of directors develop and achieve strategic fundraising goals Professionals who are interested in launching a career in fund development will also benefit from this class by learning about the big picture of fundraising strategy What are the requirements? Working knowledge of the English language Understanding of, and experience in, nonprofit organizations Basic understanding of fundraising concepts
Fundraising Principles for Nonprofits and Small Businesses.
Vikki Walton
Fundraising often strikes fear in the hearts of people. As a fundraiser you are simply the conduit that helps an individual connect with a cause they care about. This course will help you to gain a firm foundation of various fundraising avenues so as to create winning fundraising strategies. Learn Fundamental Fundraising Principles That Help You Become A Better Employee, Board Member, Fundraiser, Director Or Candidate. Learn the top 10 development areas for crafting a winning fundraising strategy Recognize the five types of donors and how to reach them Gain knowledge of the seven elements for successful donor communications Discover key phrases that enable you to quickly put information into practice Acquire insights that assist you in your efforts to achieve your fundraising goals At its heart, fundraising is simply communication and marketing coupled with relationship building. This course will enable you to gain beneficial insights that you can use in your career, your life and your volunteer efforts. Understanding the various areas of fundraising will help you make you a valuable member of your team. Contents and Overview This course contains over 20+ lectures and over three hours of content. This course is designed so you can quickly grasp fundraising essentials and put them into practice. Depending on your role in fundraising—whether as staff, board member, candidate's manager or even a small business owner—learning these areas will assist you in crafting the best way to create awareness of your “product" or mission. By the end of this course, you will have a strong knowledge of all the basic areas of fundraising as well as specific tools you can use to quickly start your fundraising practice today. This course will also assist you in your efforts to expend time and resources on those areas that provide the best return on investment for your particular area and target market. Exercises will enable you to try out some of your newly gained knowledge. What am I going to get from this course? Learn foundational fundraising principles you can quickly put into practice. Enhance your fundraising model with the various options explained in the course. Successfully connect with potential donors and customers through simple yet effective strategies. Discover how communication and marketing go hand-in-hand with contributions. Discover various ways to gain funding support from donors, customers or constituents. Gain knowledge of fundraising you can use in work and life! What is the target audience? This course will help individuals newer to fundraising gain insightful knowledge. This course will help those who either work or are engaged in the nonprofit world, whether as staff, a board member or volunteer. While geared toward those newer to fundraising, those who have been in the nonprofit world for five years or less may be reminded of key fundraising principles needed to be successful in fundraising. Since this course includes fundraising principles along with the importance of consistent communications and marketing to the individual, this course can also be helpful for small business owners as well as local candidates requiring funding for campaigns. For those students taking the class they would just recognize the term donor as their customer or constituent. This course is not intended for the dedicated fundraising professional, savvy marketer or long term political candidate with strong fundraising strategies in place. What are the requirements? A nonprofit background, knowledge, or interest is beneficial but not necessary. Come ready to learn and put into practice knowledge gained!
Non-Profit Management Tools For Success--Workbooks Included
** ACCORDING TO THE GUIDESTAR.ORG: "There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations across America all competing for the nation's charitable contributions. Because of this, non-profit managers require leadership, financial and evaluation skills." THIS COURSE IS BUILT TO PROVDE THESE SKILLS! ** SPECIAL FREE BONUS WORKBOOKS INCLUDED:**  Master Over Twenty Strategic Thinking And Decision Making Tools Theory Of Change: Align Your Strategy With Your Results How to Conduct A Needs Analysis ** Are you ready for a practical course designed to equip you with the skills to: Lead excellent and diverse teams Think and act strategically Conduct program evaluations reviews that lead to improved organizational performance Analyze and use financial statements Operationalize a policy analysis This course includes important topics such as financial statement analysis, Diversity and Inclusion, Idea Generation, Performance Reviews and much much more! I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery! The contents of this course are all based on my work experience as an education innovator and entrepreneur with global experience in  for profit, start up and corporate settings. I used these networks to survey non-profit professionals asking them one simple question: What do you need to know to be successful? I collected all their answers and designed this course, working closely with them each step of the way. The result is a course that ties together both  theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a dynamic, practical and applicable way. Ready to take your skills to the next level? Click "Take this course now" to get started! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What am I going to get from this course? Use the Theory of Change to Align Organizational Strategies with Intended Results Use a Needs Analysis to Design and Execute Effective Training Programs Analyze Policy Using Six Easy Steps Use Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills to Tackle Everyday Challenges Deliver Meaningful Performance Reviews Lead Across Lines of Difference What is the target audience? Non-profit management professionals Program evaluators Managers leading in diverse settings What are the requirements? Interest in building management, leadership and organizational capacity Time to use the free workbooks provided Basic PC skills
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6 Steps to Creating a Non-Profit Organization or Ministry
Leo Pacheco
Attention world-changers, go-getters, and compassion-creators! You have a heart to make a difference in your community or a life-changing impact for others around the world, but simply don't know where to start. In this course, I will teach you SIX steps to put your passion and compassion into action by creating a non-profit organization or ministry. Included in this course is my extensive workbook (valued at $197) available for download as part of your tuition, covering step-by-step instructions (detailed in each module) on forming your charity, recruiting volunteers and board members, generating donor dollars, complying with laws, and how to complete your 501c status using IRS Form 1023. Plus a LOT MORE! This course is perfect for those who are ready to join other world changers and help meet the growing demand for community-based services. What am I going to get from this course? Create a dynamic Non-Profit Organization or Ministry from scratch! Apply for and acquire 501c3 (or applicable) tax-exemption status faster than most! Develop a highly effective and efficient Business Plan that will help establish a integrity, accountability, and marketability! Complete state-appropriate forms and understand non-profit structure and general laws, greatly decreasing risk and improving effectiveness! Access valuable and important resources to help with governance, administration, fundraising, and more! Establish Board of Directors and recruit highly valued candidates to serve as officers and directors! Determine effective marketing strategies and implement fundraising (development) activities. Learn best practices for volunteer and employee recruitment and management. Discover amazing marketing strategies and fundraising (development) techniques that will prevent the organization from failing before it gets established! Understand key roles on the Board and staff, and how to utilize their talent to grow the organization fast! And much, much more! What is the target audience? Change Makers Church Planters Visionaries And pretty much anyone who desires to impact their communities, state, country, or world by giving of time, talent, and resources! This course IS NOT FOR those who simply want to volunteer or dabble in charity or ministry. Serious change makers and world changers only! What are the requirements? Download workbook prior to taking the course.
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