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Working in a staffing and recruiting role? Through online training, you can gain the knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in the fast-paced recruitment industry.
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Recruiting Foundations
Barbara Bruno
Released 6/30/2016 Barbara Bruno, CPC, CTS, is an award-winning recruiter and industry speaker who has placed over 10,000 people in hard-to-fill positions. She understands that one great hire can change the course of an entire company. She explains what it takes to be a successful recruiter in any niche or industry. Barb outlines recruiting best practices, such as how to embrace attitudes and expectations for success, how to best use your time, and how to overcome common objections from employers and candidates. She also addresses the change in recruiting from a mostly verbal and face-to-face communication into the new era of data-driven social and mobile connections. In addition, she provides guidance on how to establish rapport and trust with hiring authorities and attract top talent, as well as techniques for negotiating, closing, and retaining clients and candidates for the long term. Topics include: Having the right attitude and expectations Using different recruiting methods Positioning yourself as a solution to employers Anticipating hiring needs Attracting top talent Building rapport and trust Negotiating and closing Following up with a new hire Tracking your metrics
Learning LinkedIn Recruiter
Released 9/11/2017 Find the candidates you need with LinkedIn Recruiter, the industry-leading recruiting platform. LinkedIn Recruiter is used by hiring managers, HR teams, and staffing recruiters to find the right people for the right jobs. Watch this course to learn how to search for, organize, and contact candidates. Discover how to post jobs and assess the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts with analytics. Plus, find out how to build your skills at the LinkedIn Recruiter Learning Center and become a LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter. Topics include: Using Recruiter's powerful search features to find candidates Adding candidates to a project Contacting candidates Managing interested candidates Posting jobs Monitoring Recruiter stats
J.T. O'Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You
J.T. O'Donnell
Released 4/8/2016 Learn what recruiters look for, and how to help them find you. J.T. O'Donnell is a LinkedIn Influencer and an expert on job search and recruiting. She helps job seekers understand the modern job search and make the most of recruiters, specifically how to use recruiters in the LinkedIn marketplace, how to understand the role of the resume and cover letters in the job search process, and how to connect and follow up with a recruiter. This course will help job seekers tap a valuable source by showing them how to connect more effectively with leading recruiters in their industries.
Recruiting Veterans
Lida Citroën
Released 6/13/2016 With roughly 200,000 men and women transitioning out of the military each year, veterans are a rich source of talent to tap. Through their military training, veterans learn the importance of strong leadership and connecting jobs to mission and values. In this course, veteran recruiting expert Lida Citroën helps recruiters identify and appreciate the differences between post-9/11 veteran and civilian candidates, as well as the qualities, skills, and talents veterans offer to employers. She also addresses questions on building your company brand to be attractive to veterans. What appeals to veteran candidates and what turns them off? Where should companies spend money and resources? How do you identify the military skills you want to attract? Last, Lida discusses ways to adapt your hiring process, teams, and systems to accommodate veteran employees, emphasizing onboarding and retention of veteran candidates.
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