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Introduction to Staffing Firms
Jenn O'Brien
This course is designed to give business owners and hiring managers an overview of how staffing firms can meet your hiring needs and ultimately help grow your business. Whether you are a new, growing, or established business, this course will give you some good food for thought on the benefits of utilizing a Staffing Firm and how to find the best firm to meet your hiring needs. What am I going to get from this course?Learn about the three types of firms and how they operate.Learn about the benefits of using a staffing firm.Learn how to choose the best firm to serve your business.What is the target audience?Business Owners and Hiring ManagersWhat are the requirements?Be a Hiring Manager or Business OwnerHave a basic understanding of hiring processes.
Become an Expert Recruiter and Top Biller - 360° Essentials
Piran Consulting
Learn the concepts of the full 360 recruitment cycle, picking up skills, tips, tricks and hints, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge, to allow you to develop a successful career as a top biller. Become a revenue generating superstar! Build your portfolio as a super biller by following the simple steps in this course to enhance your understanding of recruitment, whatever level of ability you currently possess. Generate leads and new business Taking a job specification Use assertive sales techniques Become effective at closing Maximise revenue through continued business development Perform in depth, control based candidate qualification Build strong questioning and listening skills Understand continual pipeline building Powerful ideas you can apply today to build your brand and monetize your skills Recruiting is big business, but with changing job markets, increasingly competitive resourcing capability, and higher candidate awareness, you need to develop the skills that will set you apart from the rest as one of the best. Pick up essential ideas around how to become a top biller, building ideas to develop a consistent business model and maintain healthy relationships. You don’t want to be a flashy salesman; use this course to develop subtle ideas around how best to enhance your skillset without damaging your reputation. Earn respect, trust, and build authenticity to get the best results for you, your candidates, and your clients. If you are looking to get a start in a career in recruitment, have hit some stumbling blocks, or want ideas on how to adequately build your profile, this course is for you. Content and Overview You will look at the entire scope of the 360° recruitment cycle, using the key principles of this process and the sales environment to develop an understanding and appreciation of the whole process to build your own brand and business. We start off looking into simple, but effective, ideas around generating leads and winning new business, as well as how to properly take a job specification, not just a few lines jotted down we forget about. You will understand how to effectively prioritize the roles you have on offer, avoiding wasting time on opportunities that have limited success ratios, whilst building those where we can get the biggest wins. You will spend time looking at relationship building and candidate control, using thorough qualification methods to ensure we are working with the highest calibre individuals. As we develop, you will learn how to sell roles to candidates, candidates to clients, and sell yourself as a trusted partner. An insight into the ideas around fact finding and analysing needs combined with selling back to these will arm you with the tools you need to produce useful, powerful, targeted pitches. Management also plays a critical role for any recruiter; managing the interview process and the people involved, steering your relationships the way you want them to develop. We will end by showing you how to effectively close throughout the entire cycle, ensuring you never have issues around turn-downs and people accepting counteroffers. Dealing with objections helps you close, and we’ll show you a simple, yet highly effective objection handling model, ensuring you develop the best ability to close, and giving you the highest conversion rate. What am I going to get from this course? Understand and be able to apply the core principles of the full recruitment life cycle, from initial lead generation to closing multiple, successive deals Construct a detailed analysis of the Consultant’s market and Client’s needs to build candidate and client control Locate and source high quality, passive candidates, who are difficult to find Build and foster trust, authenticity and control with your clients and candidates Manage the entire 360° process as an individual, team member or leader, generating greater revenue and building your profile and brand for the future Prepare your working environment and scheduling to allow full development of the techniques expected of modern recruitment professionals What is the target audience? Recruitment Consultants of all levels All staff working on the resourcing and recruiting of candidates In house talent acquisition staff aiming to secure a better calibre of candidates for their internal requirements Agency recruiters looking to advance their skills and work towards a more profitable desk Aspiring recruiters and consultants who are looking to get ahead of their peers in the local market What are the requirements? Students will need to download documents and diagrams in PDF format Be prepared to think constructively around new ideas and concepts which are practical in nature Prepare to reflect and review content to adapt for your needs Use templates to construct powerful forms, scripts and conversation pieces for your role as a recruiter Students will need to complete a series of progressive lectures
Recruitment Interviewing Made Easy: Interview like a pro
Richard Lock
The recruitment & selection interview is by far the most widely used method of identifying new talent to fill a job vacancy. Recruiting a new member to your team or business is an important decision. Get it right and the benefits are enormous. Get it wrong and you live with the consequences for a long time. Recruitment training can make a real difference to you and your business. A poor recruitment & selection decision can quickly have a very negative effect on performance: not only for the individual concerned, but also the whole team. Tackling the problem of the wrong decision will take an incredible amount of time and effort. Far better to learn how to interview somebody for a job professionally and get it right first time. It is a wonderful course. I learned a lot of skills to help in the hiring process.                                                                                                  Emily Tillis Transform your interviewing skills and boost your career prospects. Recruitment Interviewing Made Easy takes away the worry of the recruitment decision. It leads you step by step through the recruitment process, showing you best practice interview tips, ideas and approaches to build your interview skills and identify the right person for your role and avoid making costly mistakes. You will learn: The key stages of the recruitment process The role of the job description How to clearly specify your candidate requirements How to attract suitable candidates How to shortlist quickly with laser like focus How to structure the interview How to conduct an interview How to control the interview Interview questions to ask for successful evidence collection How to avoid the key question traps What to listen out for How to make the right decision How to feel confident in your interview skills Many other interview tips The course uses video and downloadable material to really engage learners. You will be given activities and exercises to practice and hone your skills, and be supported by an expert trainer along with fellow students. There is a vast resource of material and support available online to candidates in their search for a job. Ironically, there is far less opportunity for the person who is conducting the interview. Frequently, the candidate is far better trained than the interviewer. This often results in the 'tail wagging the dog' - the candidate being in control of the interview. No wonder so many recruitment & selection interviewers feel under great pressure and stress when asked to conduct a job interview to fill a vacancy. They are not confident in their interview skills. It doesn't matter whether you are a first time recruitment & selection interviewer or you are looking to hone your interview skills to a more professional level. This course has something for you. This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to course material, including updates and additions. You will receive a certificate of completion on finishing the course. Courses can be accessed on computers, iOS devices and Android. What am I going to get from this course? clearly identify and specify the skills and qualities they need a successful candidate to pocess Structure a recruitment & selection interview for maximum impact shortlist applications quickly and effectively, saving time and effort confidently control the interview and focus the discussion on required target information use powerful questioning strategies to uncover genuine performance evidence Confidently hire the right people who are able to add the most value to your team or business. What is the target audience? Managers and business owners who have to recruit for any type of job vacancy job hunters who want to understand the process from the recruiters perspective Anyone who wants the best people working for them, growing the business and adding value What are the requirements? No previous experience is needed to take this course It would be useful to gain an overview understanding of employment law in the market you plan to recruit for.
Recruiter Secrets: How To Find Your Prospects Interests
Clinton Buelter
Talking to strangers is difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable. And by strangers I mean prospects, potential candidates, or someone you've never met before. It's hard to talk to people you don't know. And even harder to do online, over email, or LinkedIn messages. But there's a secret that makes developing rapport and relationships really easy. The secret is just to talk about something they're already interested in. That's what you will learn in this course: How to find out what people are interested in based on their online profiles. What am I going to get from this course? You will learn how to quickly find interests of prospects and candidates using their profiles on social sites. You will learn the secret to developing rapport and relationships quickly. You will learn trends of what people look for in messages. What is the target audience? recruiters technical recruiters non technical recruiters sales or business development reps anyone who has to develop relationships (with prospects or potential candidates) via cold messages Don't take this course if you're looking for a "how to social media" course Don't take this course if you're looking for an in depth course on message writing What are the requirements? internet access
Recruiting Veterans
Lida Citroën
Released 6/13/2016 With roughly 200,000 men and women transitioning out of the military each year, veterans are a rich source of talent to tap. Through their military training, veterans learn the importance of strong leadership and connecting jobs to mission and values. In this course, veteran recruiting expert Lida Citroën helps recruiters identify and appreciate the differences between post-9/11 veteran and civilian candidates, as well as the qualities, skills, and talents veterans offer to employers. She also addresses questions on building your company brand to be attractive to veterans. What appeals to veteran candidates and what turns them off? Where should companies spend money and resources? How do you identify the military skills you want to attract? Last, Lida discusses ways to adapt your hiring process, teams, and systems to accommodate veteran employees, emphasizing onboarding and retention of veteran candidates.
Recruiting Foundations
Barbara Bruno
Released 6/30/2016 Barbara Bruno, CPC, CTS, is an award-winning recruiter and industry speaker who has placed over 10,000 people in hard-to-fill positions. She understands that one great hire can change the course of an entire company. She explains what it takes to be a successful recruiter in any niche or industry. Barb outlines recruiting best practices, such as how to embrace attitudes and expectations for success, how to best use your time, and how to overcome common objections from employers and candidates. She also addresses the change in recruiting from a mostly verbal and face-to-face communication into the new era of data-driven social and mobile connections. In addition, she provides guidance on how to establish rapport and trust with hiring authorities and attract top talent, as well as techniques for negotiating, closing, and retaining clients and candidates for the long term. Topics include: Having the right attitude and expectations Using different recruiting methods Positioning yourself as a solution to employers Anticipating hiring needs Attracting top talent Building rapport and trust Negotiating and closing Following up with a new hire Tracking your metrics
Learning LinkedIn Recruiter
Released 9/11/2017 Find the candidates you need with LinkedIn Recruiter, the industry-leading recruiting platform. LinkedIn Recruiter is used by hiring managers, HR teams, and staffing recruiters to find the right people for the right jobs. Watch this course to learn how to search for, organize, and contact candidates. Discover how to post jobs and assess the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts with analytics. Plus, find out how to build your skills at the LinkedIn Recruiter Learning Center and become a LinkedIn Certified Professional Recruiter. Topics include: Using Recruiter's powerful search features to find candidates Adding candidates to a project Contacting candidates Managing interested candidates Posting jobs Monitoring Recruiter stats
J.T. O'Donnell on Making Recruiters Come to You
J.T. O'Donnell
Released 4/8/2016 Learn what recruiters look for, and how to help them find you. J.T. O'Donnell is a LinkedIn Influencer and an expert on job search and recruiting. She helps job seekers understand the modern job search and make the most of recruiters, specifically how to use recruiters in the LinkedIn marketplace, how to understand the role of the resume and cover letters in the job search process, and how to connect and follow up with a recruiter. This course will help job seekers tap a valuable source by showing them how to connect more effectively with leading recruiters in their industries.
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