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Real Estate Principles
360 Training
An ideal introductory text for beginning real estate students and an excellent study guide for those taking the state license exam.Learning Objectives
New York 75 Hour Real Estate Prelicense Basic Package
360 Training
Courses included in package: • 75 New York Real Estate Salesperson • Real Estate Math   Online Prep Course features: The Online Prep Course will allow you to learn and remember the critical real estate vocabulary, concepts and products that will be tested on your State Licensing Exam. You’ll find no fluff, no nice-to-know, no war stories just the essential information that you will need to obtain your license. This crucial knowledge is presented in easy to read, user-friendly language that is devoid of legal complexities and legislative mumbo-jumbo. We’ve even taken care to clearly define the insurance terms before we use them.   The instructional content is reinforced with:   Unlimited amount of practice exams—fresh new questions for each exam you take Study with professionally written study guides—written by real estate education professionals.  Both national and state specific study guides are available with dozens of pages consisting of up-to-date, need-to-know condensed information Online Prep Exam platform—100% online…Take anytime from anywhere!    
WA Real Estate Practices
360 Training
This 30-clock hour course is part of the Broker Prelicense requirement of 90 clock hours. The Practices course is to be taken after the 60-hour Washington Fundamentals Course. It is designed to teach the latest themes and topics including major subjects sLearning ObjectivesUpon completion of this course, the student will be able to: Learn the latest themes and topics including major subjects such as Agency Relationships, Listing Agreements, Evaluating and Pricing Property, Negotiation and Sales Techniques, Understand th
Real estate careers
Alex Genadinik
LATEST: Course Update Coming At The End Of December To Include More Lectures. * OVER 1,400 DELIGHTED STUDENTS HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE This course is based on an interview of Chris Stafford, who is a real estate broker with a successful real estate career in which he sold over $10,000,000 in real estate. In the course, Chris explains what to expect from different real estate career paths, and how to get into different real estate careers like being a real estate mortgage broker, investor, an appraiser, or a commercial real estate broker. How The Course Is Structured The course is about 1 hour of video tutorials, which is the preferred Udemy format. The course is structured as an overview of different careers within real estate. The course teaches you how to find success in each of the possible real estate career options, and helps you decide which one might be right for you. Who Should Take This Course You should take this course if you have ever thought of getting into real estate, or are thinking of making money in real estate. If you are new to real estate, and want to start a career in it and make money, this course should be very helpful. Real estate is one of the fields that is always growing. For many people it represents an escape from miserable jobs with terrible bosses. If you become a real estate agent, you won't have a boss, and you will make your own schedule. Real estate can be your path to freedom. Personal Touch Like No Other Course In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you. Still Wondering If This Course Is Right For You? It is always difficult to know whether any course you buy will help you. You only learn about it after you take the course. Luckily, this course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So take the course now, and if you feel that it wasn't helpful or informative, just get your money back. If you don't try it, you'll never find out if the class can help you, so get the course now, and see for yourself without risking your money. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE The course comes with an unconditional, Udemy backed, 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try the course risk free. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that you will succeed ... just like my thousands of other Udemy students. What am I going to get from this course? you will learn about different careers in real estate you will understand what it takes to achieve success in different real estate careers Help and advice from the instructor Learn about real estate careers like a commercial real estate agent, a residential real estate agent, and appraiser and more Learn sales skills Learn body language skills Learn about the mindset of a successful real estate salesperson Learn from Chris Stafford, a real estate expert Learn pros and cons of different real estate careers Get a sense of which real estate career is right for you Get tips for how to become a good real estate broker and salesperson What is the target audience? people who want to find a new career people interested in a career in real estate people looking for ways to make money People interested in learning from an expert like Chris Stafford What are the requirements? interest in real estate interest in business interest in entrepreneurship
Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography
Charlie Borland
THIS COURSE IS A UDEMY BEST SELLER! "I have never seen such a detailed and comprehensive set of lessons in all my online experiences and I have been taking courses since 2005…….Don't look any further!" -Fran S. "Hey Charlie, So far the course is great. Great content and clear information." - Sean "Professor, All I can say its WOW!!!, blown, great course, specially in the photo shop layering and masking. I take my hat off! There is not a single word I can say to express how grateful I am for you sharing your knowledge, I am doing everything you showed in this course in Real estate photography, specially in my Classic virtual tours, and this is great. Thank you Thank you Thank you." -Pedro COURSE UPDATES: August 2016 4 new videos. September 2016 7 new video updates, October 2016 8 new video updates. The market for skilled architecture photographers is huge. Business is booming again in commercial and residential construction. Home builders, property managers, construction companies, hospitals, retirement communities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, magazines, and real estate ventures all have a use for architecture photography. Architecture is one of the most challenging subjects to compose and light. There are ambient light issues, color balance issues, and lighting issues. For the photographer skilled at shooting quality photographs, there is plenty of business shooting homes, real estate, and commercial properties for architects, builders, developers, and real estate agents. Whoever you shoot for, it is all architecture photography in one form or another yet each property will have a unique set of challenges that will dictate your photographic approach. If you wish to shoot architecture photography, then this online course is created just for you! This Course is geared to intermediate through professional photographers. You'll receive a broad overview of: Photographic lighting Learn how to light room interiors Compose a strong composition. You will also learn how to see light quality How to manage highlights and shadows How to choose the right lighting accessory for the scene Why use an umbrella over a light box and manage the color of various ambient light sources __________________________________________________________ Join award-winning commercial photographer Charlie Borland as he shares his knowledge in a step-by-step approach to photographing architectural properties. You will learn how to light an interior without the scene looking lit, how to manage lighting color balance, how to make the inside balance perfectly with the outside, how to find a storytelling angle, how to deal with poor light, how to fix bad color, how to work fast to be more profitable, and a whole lot more You will learn how to light when there is no place to put your lights. And, we'll show you the latest methods in using Photoshop to enhance and composite your images. ________________________________________________________________ What's covered: The difference between real estate photography and architectural photography How to see light and shadow. The different qualities of light, color balance, and color correction. The best equipment and how it works. HDR for architecture photography Which light best applies to your subject. Lighting color management: How to mix strobe with ambient light. Lighting in offices, manufacturing plants, and home environments. The disappearing lights technique. How to light with strobes and how to light with flash. and how to use Photoshop to create photos you can't do in a single capture 12 hours of video and pdf's What will you learn? There are many ways to shoot architecture photography and the method you choose will be based on how your images will be used. Are they for a realtor, a home builder, commercial developer, or maybe and architect? Depending on who you are shooting for will depend on how you approach the photography and this course covers many methods that can be applied to each type of client. You will learn how to shoot without supplemental light. How to process a basic digital file quickly. How to shoot for HDR. How to process for HDR. How to light a room with strobes. How to deal with reflections. How to replace lights, lamps, and windows. How to fix distortion. How to fix bad color. How to light a room with flash. How to shoot for Photoshop. How to use the hide-a-light technique. And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography. You will learn techniques that allow you to work quickly for low budget assignments and how to create beautiful architecture photography for high end clients as well. Course requirements: Photoshop is used widely in the course and while you do not need to be an expert, some familiarity (primarily Layer Masking techniques} will make it easier for you. But if you are not that familiar with Photoshop, don't worry, we have some introductory Photoshop videos that will guide you along the way. You will need a digital camera with a wide angle lens. For full frame sensor cameras a lens around 16-35 is perfect and if you have a cropped APS sensor camera then a wide angle lens around 10-20 will work as well. If you don't have lenses in that range but do have a wide angle lens then use it for the course and learn what you need for later purchase. You need a good tripod and a cable release or wireless device to trigger your camera. I also recommend wireless triggers to fire the strobe/flashes. This course covers lighting extensively and includes several techniques. You will learn how to shoot architecture without lights, with strobes and umbrellas, also with a flash unit. What they are saying: "Hi Charlie. Thanks a million, your course was/is absolutely awesome and I've learnt a lot. The best is I've already started applying the knowledge gained and it made a big difference in the way that I take photos as well as in the post processing stages.I would recommend this course to everybody doing architectural and real estate photography. I'll definitely work through this course again and again, in order to learn as much as I can.Thanks again!Kind regards and have a great day."Henk "I have never seen such a detailed and comprehensive set of lessons in all my online experiences and I have been taking courses since 2005. The detail and explicit directions are just what the newbie needs. I have not engaged in architectural photography before and so this was a added bonus for me. I have previously taken courses with Charlie, and he is my ace when it comes to flash, but now also when I wish to learn more about photographing buildings and homes. Don't look any further!" -Fran S. This course was the second tutorial that I purchased on architectural photography. The other course was by a photography blog and had "some" great information but it just wasn't the same as this course. The advantage of this course is Charlie's methodical pace and detailed instruction coupled with Udemy's convenient interface. I have watched this course on my desktop, phone, tablet, in a waiting room, in bed, in my shed, in my car, and all of the devices have tracked my progress flawlessly. On my other course all I received was the video footage, 2 files to edit and a rudimentary table of contents with time markers for topics covered. They didn't even put in chapter markers for me! The videos had to be loaded on each device I owned and I had to write down the minute markers where I left off to continue watching later. (Very frustrating and that course was over $100) If you're a busy professional and want a course that is ready whenever and wherever you are, this is great! Lastly, the deal I got on the course was ridiculous for such valuable content.-Milton V. Dear Mr Borland, Your "Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography" course really helped me dramatically improve my real estate photography and bring it to a higher level. I am currently working as a realtor in Athens Greece and looking at the photos of properties we have in the internet was really disappointing. Three months ago I decided to do something about it and I had a discussion with the owner of the Real Estate Agency and proposed to him to let me photograph at least the most expensive properties. Although I convinced him that I could do it and although I own a DSLR camera and have an experience with photography, I was feeling insecure about the quality of my photos. Therefore, I decided to search the internet for relevant courses and articles that might help me improve my RE photography and this is how I saw your course offered through Udemy. I immediately bought it and today I am so glad I did. It is very comprehensive and analytical, with a step-by-step guide of all the techniques you need to use in order to have a great result. It basically covers every aspect of Architecture and Real Estate Photography from the exterior to all the interior spaces and from a day to a dusk photo shoot of a property. The course has helped me a lot also with all the post processing techniques that it offers, which are again explained in a very comprehensive way. Going through all the lessons and applying all the techniques I learned through the course, with just the basic gear of a camera, wide angle lens and a tripod, gave me the confidence I was missing before purchasing the course. I have already done a few photo shoots for the company and every day I am being asked to shoot more and more properties. Thank you for helping me realize my dream, - Katerina. What am I going to get from this course? Learn a variety of techniques to photograph architecture and real estate properties. How to find the best angle How to light with flash or strobe lights How to fix bad color How to achieve perfect interior light and exterior light How to photograph a room or a hotel What is the target audience? Aspiring photographers Pro photographers expanding to new areas Real estate agents What are the requirements? Camera, wide angle lens, tripod, cable release or wireless camera trigger. The use of flash or strobes is covered but owning that equipment is not required. Photoshop is demonstrated throughout the course. You do not have to use Photoshop and can use other programs if they will allow compositing of images.
Top 10 Mistakes Agents Make When Marketing Real Estate
Michelle Barfuss
Real estate marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years, and agents who aren't keeping up with technology are finding it harder to generate leads to fuel their business. In this course, Michelle Fradella-Barfuss details what many real estate agents are missing in their marketing, and describes what they need to be doing to keep ahead of the competition. Based on Michelle Fradella-Barfuss's book "Top 10 Mistakes Agents Make When Marketing Their Real Estate Business", this course expands and teaches on the subject matter in the book (downloads from the book are included). Here you will learn the common mistakes that real estate agents make, and what you should be doing to build a successful real estate business. You will get practical advise, and step-by-step processes to use in your marketing. This is a video-based course, which takes on each mistake and shows you a clear direction to take to jump start your real estate career on the fast track to becoming a Top Producer in your market. What am I going to get from this course? Know what works and what doesn't work when marketing for real estate Avoid doing what all other real estate agents do that makes them all look the same. Set up a real online presence (not just a fancy virtual brochure or a cookie-cutter broker site) How to set up lead capture (the ones that people will actually fill out, and not the lame forms that most sites contain). How to build rapport with prospects for them to get to know, like, and trust you, so YOU will be their agent of choice when the time is right. How to drive traffic to your site. How to use video in your real estate business. How to build a following – to become the Maven of YOUR market. What is the target audience? Real Estate agents looking to take their business to the next level. Not intended for agents who are not learning-based and willing to go the extra mile to get where they want to be in their business. What are the requirements? A general knowledge of real estate practices.
Real Estate Photography for the Realtor!
C.P.P. Neitzert
Take better photos of your properties with the camera you already have! This course will NOT get technical, but you WILL get results. Even though hiring a professional photographer is ideal, sometimes it just isn't in your budget or you just don't have time. This course will teach you every step of the process starting with preparing a home for photography and then how to photograph each scene with a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, and a smartphone. Consisting almost entirely of HD video demonstrations, this class is as close to a hands-on learning experience as you can get. What am I going to get from this course? Create better images of your real estate properties. What is the target audience? This course is intended for Real Estate agents that are new or seasoned veterans to the real estate world. What are the requirements? Acquire a camera of some kind. It can be your smartphone or a high-end professional camera. Either way, you'll be making better photos by the time you have completed this course.
Learn the Secrets of Probate Real Estate Investing
Greg Vanderford
In this course you will learn: How locate motivated Probate Sellers How to market to these motivated sellers How to talk to these motivated sellers How to close a deal and get the property under contract How to quickly and easily analyze these deals How to find financing for these properties regardless of credit How get your money out of the deal with minimum risk and maximum profit We lay out for the exact process that we use at Sell House or Home to to flip several houses every year including actual videos of me going into two different courthouses and looking up seller info in probate case files. If you're tired of paying thousands of dollars for real estate investment courses from seminar gurus, this course is for you. We have invested that money for you over the years while receiving our real estate education. Learn in a few hours what took us years to learn, at minimal cost and no risk. We wish you the best of luck in your real estate journey! What am I going to get from this course? Learn how to find probate seller leads Learn how to successfully market to probate seller leads Learn how to convert probate seller leads into deals Learn how to wholesale probate properties to other investors Learn why probate properties are the most lucrative niche in all of real estate Learn how to talk to probate motivated sellers Learn how to analyze probate deals Learn how to finance probate deals What is the target audience? Aspiring real estate investors Real estate professionals Seasoned real estate investors seeking training in the probate real estate investing niche What are the requirements? Motivation to learn about probate real estate investing Strong desire to make lots of money in probate real estate investing
Virtual Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Agents
Brad Gustafson
In this course you will down-load a Google-Docs spreadsheet that you will use for the rest of your real estate career. This spreadsheet is included in the tuition for this course and does not cost the $30 - $90 per MONTH that many real estate CRMs charge. This course will cover the 3 basic components of the TRANS-TRAC System: 1.) TRANSACTION BOARD - originally created on a 4'x8' white-board the author hung on his office wall to manage 10 closings per month, this board is now digitized and can be shared between agents in the field and transaction coordinators in the office. 2.) PROCEDURES MANUAL - linked to each of the steps on the board are detailed (and customizable) instructions for completing every step need from the time you get a listing or purchase contract signed right through cashing your commission check. 3.) CONTACT SHEET - also linked to the transaction board are detailed contact sheets for each transaction, giving you and/or your assistant(s) fingertip-access to important phone numbers, emails, escrow #'s and more... This course will walk you through every step of building and managing a thriving real estate business. What am I going to get from this course? You will be able to create a TEAM that really works TOGETHER! You will be able to easily manage 5, 10 or more closings per month! You will sleep at night without all that worrying! You will deliver service that encourages REFERRALS! You will keep agents, escrow and lenders ACCOUNTABLE! What is the target audience? This system is for real estate agents, not the general public. If you are ready to hire an assistant, this system will help you minimize training time, freeing you up to work directly with clients! If you have a team, this system will help you work efficiently with them! If you are busy and small details are getting missed (ever lose a lockbox?), this system will keep you on track! If you want to make sure there are no delays to your closings, this system will help you get paid on time! If you are closing 5 to 10 (or more) transactions per month, you definitely need this system. If you are an experienced agent, and you close only 1 to 3 transactions per month, you do not need this. If you are a new agent, this system will guide you step-by-step from the time you get a contract signed up to cashing your commission check! What are the requirements? Computer gmail account to access Google Sheets Smart phone or notepad to access Google Sheets Desire to grow your real estate business
17. Real Estate (REIT) Modeling
Wall Street Prep
8 hrs 21 mins
Course OverviewThis course is designed to teach REIT modeling to students and professionals pursuing a career in finance, with a specific focus on analyzing REITs. First, we will learn about the REIT industry's unique drivers and challenges. We will then build REIT financial and valuation models from scratch, using a step-by-step approach for an actual company, BRE Properties. Along the way, we will cover modeling best practices for same store properties, acquisitions, developments, and dispositions. In addition, we will model and deconstruct critical REIT profit metrics like FFO, AFFO, and CAD. The second part of the course will involve valuation modeling, with a focus on the Net Asset Value (NAV) approach. Instructor - Matan FeldmanMatan Feldman is Wall Street Prep’s Founder and Managing Partner. His responsibilities include business development, development of courses, and overseeing training programs. Matan has overseen training programs for clients including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Raymond James, Stifel Nicolaus, FBR Capital Markets, Sagent Advisors, Giuliani Capital Advisors, JP Morgan, Cerberus, Wharton Business School, London Business School, Kellogg, Booth, Stern (NYU), and Cornell. Prior to founding Wall Street Prep, Matan served in several capacities on Wall Street — first as an Analyst in Chase Manhattan Bank's Mergers & Acquisitions Group in New York, and subsequently as an Associate within JP Morgan's Equity Research Group, covering Food & Drug Retail Equities.
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