Problem Solving
One of the most valuable skills you can have in the workplace is the ability to solve problems – clearly, calmly and effectively. Get ready to improve your problem solving skills with online training.
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Problem Solving in 5 Easy Steps
Everyday, we all face problems! Some are big and can have life changing consequences, others are small and almost inconsequential.This course is your guide to solving these issues, to becoming a better problem solver, and best of all it only requires your brain!  So it does not matter what age you are, nor where you come from or how you see the world. Everyone has the ability to look at a situation and observe what is happening. Once you demystify the complexity of a problem and understand the fundamental issues, you are half way to finding a solution. It is then simply a matter of conuring up a solution, testing it and applying it... right? Almost. you see, there are several key points that you need to address at each of these stages. Certain points, which if ignored can lead you to in-effective and costly solutions. Designed to be as useful as possible this course centers around 5 key steps. Each step broken down into easy to accomplish tasks. Each task addressing the important points. So, if you are a thinker, a planner, a person who see's problems and not solutions, then this course is for you. If you just like to ponder the what-ifs in life, or analyze what others have done, then this course will help you evalutate their solutions!  Problem solving is about building that confidence to put your idea forwards in a crowded room. It is about achieving that sense of satisfaction when you get to say 'I told you it would work'! It is about looking more professional at your work place and becoming the go-to guy(or gal). This course will show you what you need to consider when coming up with ideas, what you need to think about when evaluating your proposal and how to determine if you have the right solution in the end. You are here because you want to become a better problem solver! You are here because you want to learn! I am here to help you in this course, so come join me on the inside and let us get started... What am I going to get from this course? Approach Any Problem With Confidence. Apply The Five Step Process To Finding A Solution Choose The Right Approach To Evaluating Solutions Get Noticed For Being A Decision Maker Avoid wasting time on ineffective solutions What is the target audience? This Problem Solving course is meant for anyone wishing to improve their problem solving skills For everybody looking to build their critical Decision Making skills. For those looking to remove Indicision from their lives and want to build confidence. What are the requirements? There are no prior-requirements, pre-requisites or software needed to complete this course.
Consulting Approach to Problem Solving
Do you feel that you already know all possible frameworks of business problem solving (Porter's five forces, the BCG-matrix etc.), yet you are still not confident in using them? Or maybe you already took a course on management consulting problem solving approach, but the jargon used didn't make much practical sense to you (The 80/20 rule, MECE etc.)? Whether you're a student studying for case interviews or a businessperson, what you might be lacking is a comprehensive aproach to problem solving that generates consistent results.  If so, this course is for you! I can guarantee you will not find another such comprehensive introductory course on hypothesis-based problem solving - the top consulting firms' technique of choice on all kinds of business consulting engagements.  With the content in this course I would like to introduce you to the topic of business problem solving. Provided you find this introduction helpful, I would be delighted to welcome you to my more advanced courses that I intend to publish soon. They will build on the knowledge from this course in order to develop further the topics covered here.  But for now let's jump into this course. Hit Enroll and let me show you a way to become a rising star of problem solving in business! What am I going to get from this course? You will understand and appreciate the problem solving technique used by the top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Strategy& At the same time you will get acquainted with how business and consulting projects ought to be structured You will master the basic knowledge on hypothesis-based problem solving that will let you proceed to more advanced courses on solving business problems In effect, you will be able to impress either your boss or your interlocutors at business case interviews What is the target audience? Applicants to consulting firms studying for case interviews Junior analysts and consultants starting their consulting career Entrepreneurs starting their adventure with business Managers, project managers and project team members who solve business problems in their workplace Everyone interested in learning a problem solving technique used by the top consulting firms What are the requirements? This course is designed to be an introduction to the topic and no prior knowledge nor experience is required. Nevertheless, an understanding of the basic principles that govern business organizations will let you grasp the concepts I present here quicker.
Problem solving & Introduction to strategy
Learn how to develop business strategies and solve problems in a structured manner like strategy consultants would Build a strong understanding of key strategy and problem solving concepts, techniques and frameworks Corporate vs. Business-unit level strategic plans Common strategy frameworks and their applications e.g. Porters, game theory, 2x2 matrix Inductive vs. deductive approaches to problem solving Problem solving tools and frameworks e.g. issues tree analysis, fishbone diagram analysis, pareto analysis Strategy and problem solving in the modern business world The course provides an overview of the business strategy formulation process and structured problem solving. Content and Overview  For each of business strategy and problem solving topics, the course first introduces the process, followed by key frameworks and examples of each. The course is designed using practical examples to illustrate the frameworks and concepts, giving the participants an appreciation of how this can be applied in real life. At the end of the course, participants would have gained an understanding of the right way to approach strategy and business problems in a structured manner. What am I going to get from this course? Understanding the strategy development process and its practical applications Understand the problem solving process and appropriate tools and frameworks What is the target audience? Tertiary education students and business professionals who would like a better understanding of what strategy means and how to apply a structured process to solving business problems What are the requirements? there are no special pre-requistes to take this course basic ability to use any of devices at a beginner level highly interest in problem-solving and strategy methods
Creative Problem Solving
Luke Houghton
Do you want to improve how you solve problems? Then this course is for you. The purpose of this course is to teach the basic skills of creative problem solving. In this course you will learn: what a problem really is, how to think creatively about problems and how to solve problems effectively. The course takes about five hours to complete. The course follows a set group of modules where you go through the basic ideas, assess your skills, then apply what you have learned. You get everything you need in the course including handouts, videos and all kinds of other materials. What am I going to get from this course? Learn the process of creative problem solving Learn what a problem is Learn techniques of creative problem solving What is the target audience? young working people people looking to improve their problem solving skills anybody interested in improving their problem solving skills What are the requirements? none
Problem-solving and Decision-making Strategies
Sorin Dumitrascu
This course gives you exactly what you need to improve your problem-solving and decision-making habits. It gives you models and techniques that you can use in real life professional and personal situations. It's all about providing a practical framework for improvement and for creating positive habits in problem-solving and decision-making. This is part of a larger skills for life program, and it helped people in very difficult situations or looking to get better at what they do. The 4+ hours of video content with a focus on practice will help you learn: problem-solving and decision-making models how to avoid mind and process traps and how to use decision-making strategies. You will learn to use a methodical approach to reach the best decisions by: establishing a context for success framing the issue properly generating alternatives evaluating these alternatives and choosing the best option. And, this course gives you the most effective and popular tools for decision-making: nominal group technique return on investment technique devil's advocate technique plus-minus-interesting analysis and ease-and-effect technique. The problem-solving model helps you understand what the problem is, identify causes and opportunities, generate solutions, evaluate and choose the best solution, and implement and monitor your actions. So, you get 2 conceptual models - one for problem solving and other for decision-making - and 5 techniques. With practice and quiz work you will learn in maximum 7 hours a way to make your life better. This course is for everyone, no special requirements. Come with an open mind and focus on developing your problem-solving and decision-making. What am I going to get from this course? At the end of my course, students will be able to use a problem-solving model, key problem-solving skills and avoid problem-solving traps At the end of my course, students will be able to adapt personal decision-making style to every situation, and use various decision-making tools and techniques to generate, evaluate, and choose between alternative courses of action What is the target audience? If you want to develop or improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills this course is for you What are the requirements? There are no pre-requistes to take this course.
Problem-Solving Made Easy
Lawrence Miller
Your personal success depends on your ability to lead teams! Great team leaders are promoted and are successful entrepreneurs. Leading teams is the critical competence for leaders at all levels today. And, problem-solving is the basic methodology that drives improvement by teams and lean organizations. This short course, part of the Team Kata series, provides the basic skills and philosophy of effective problem solving. It is based on 35 years of experience developing teams and implementing lean management. The course covers the following: The Lean philosophy of problem-solving and continuous improvement. Healthy attitudes toward problem solving. Simple situation analysis. Root cause analysis - the "five why's?" Brainstorming causes of problems. The PDCA problem solving model. The A3 problem solving model. The skill of brainstorming. Pareto or the 80/20 rule. Action-Planning and follow-up. What am I going to get from this course? To understand and develop the attitudes and habits of team problem solving. To learn a simple and direct approach to root cause analysis and situation analysis. To learn the two models of problem solving associated with Toyota Production System or "lean management." To develop the skills of brainstorming and concensus reaching. To learn and practice a simple and effective model of action planning and follow through. What is the target audience? Any manager, team leader, or team member wishing to develop the critical skills of improving performance. What are the requirements? There is nothing you need to know or do before the course,
Creative problem-solving
Interaction Training
20 mins
A$60 + GST
Put simply, creative problem-solving is about escaping the standard patterns that control thinking so that you can discover options that you previously could not see. In this course, we look at a variety of techniques that can help to generate creative ideas. 
Problem-solving and decision-making
Interaction Training
45 mins
A$60 + GST
The need to solve problems and make decisions occurs every day, both within and outside the workplace. Sometimes the problem is clear, often it will require identification and clarification. This course provides a basic framework for problem-solving and decision-making.
Introducción a OSHA y la Ley de OSH
360 Training
Este módulo de dos horas le da a los trabajadores información introductoria acerca de la Administración de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional (OSHA). El módulo incluye seis lecciones:¿Por qué OSHA es importante para usted?¿Qué derechos tiene al amparo de OSHA?¿Qué responsabilidades tiene su empleador al amparo de OSHA?¿Qué dicen las normas de OSHA?¿Cómo se llevan a cabo las inspecciones de OSHA?¿A dónde puede acudir por ayuda?El presente módulo proporciona información básica sobre la historia y misión de OSHA, los derechos de los trabajadores al amparo de OSHA, las responsabilidades de los empleadores al amparo de OSHA, las normas de OSHA, inspecciones de OSHA y los recursos de seguridad y salud, incluyendo cómo presentar una queja relacionada con OSHA. Este módulo será benéfico para todos los que están directa o indirectamente involucrados con OSHA y la Ley de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional (OSH Act).
Problem Solving Techniques
Released 4/20/2017 You can't solve a problem unless you can get to the cause—and sometimes there's more than one. In this course, learn techniques for identifying the root cause of a problem, generating options, and selecting the best solution. Chris Croft takes you through several methods for identifying what's actually causing a problem, including looking at the whole system when a problem is actually a symptom of a larger issue. He also explains how to generate potential solutions using mind maps and decision trees, how to boost your creativity to help you come up with more insightful options, and how to use both logic and your intuition to select the right solution to your problem. Topics include: Identifying the real problem Generating possible solutions Brainstorming Boosting your creativity Using your intuition and logic Selecting the best solution Considering implementation
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