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Succeed with Personality Diversity
Do you want to have the ability to exponentially advance in your career? Would you like to feel in control of the choices that you make and spend much less time regretting your actions or inactions? Would you like to know how to develop stronger personal and professional relationships? Is the thought of severely reducing your level of frustration caused by people who you don’t understand attractive to you? Then Succeed with Personality Diversity is the perfect course for you. Our focus is simple, to give you practical tools that you can quickly integrate in your life, enabling you to experience professional and personal success. The E-Colors and Personal Intervention are the basis of Equilibria’s proprietary personality diversity system, which use personality as a common language to lead to greater self-awareness, understanding of others, and meaningful change and improvement. The Facilitators Deborah Duncan and David Oliphant, will help to facilitate your learning journey in this course. Equilibria collaborated with these highly professional facilitators to ensure the most engaging experience for participants.  David is a Personality Diversity Specialist with Equilibria and has experience as a TV host. Deborah is currently the TV Host for the Great Day Houston daily morning show.   If you join this course you will have access to: Over 60 lectures divided into six sections A minimum of ten articles with guided self-development assignments A printable workbook to use throughout the course and after course completion A competency test at the end of the course ...and if you meet all of the requirements you will also receive a digital certificate and a digital stamp. Bonus People who purchase this course will get access to ask questions directly to a team of Equilibria Personality Diversity Specialists.  More than half a million people globally are using Equilibria’s tools to activate their potential. Join now and be a part of the largest growing personality diversity community in the world. What am I going to get from this course? Better understand, work with and influence your work colleagues and professional network Reduce your level of frustration caused by people that you don’t understand Develop your personal effectiveness by leveraging your Strengths and managing your Potential Limiters to advance in your career Develop stronger personal and professional relationships by taking a win/win approach to communication Enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace through deeper understanding of personalities Strengthen relationships with family, friends and your community What is the target audience? People who seek to better understand themselves and others through Personality Diversity People that want to be able to have better interactions in the business, family and social environment Team members, leaders, managers, supervisors and executives, working in corporations or in their own business Parents and people in relationships that they would like to improve People who have heard about the E-Colors and want to learn how to apply them What are the requirements? Complete your free Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) on www.equilibria.com/PDI-home Openness to learn about Personality Diversity and how it can help you to succeed in life Willingness to apply what you learn to see a significant improvement in the results you can achieve
Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity
This course is also available with spanish subtitules, search for "Igualdad de Género y Diversidad Sexual" in Udemy.From the perspective of human rights and non-discrimination, the course will touch on topics such as the history of the fight for gender equality and sexual minorities’ rights, relevant international norms and institutions, violence and other forms of discrimination, as well as public policies to promote gender equality and sexual diversity.The complete course consists in 30 video lessons of about 12 minutes each. The course will remain available permanently at Udemy, so you may complete it at your own pace, without time limit. At the end of the course, Udemy will give you a free virtual certificate which verifies that you completed the course. Also, if you wish, you may request a paid virtual certificate from the Universidad Diego Portales, signed by professor José Zalaquett, write us to moocchile@mail.udp.cl What am I going to get from this course? Became familiar with basic concepts and definitions Learn about the history of the fight against discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation Became familiar with international norms and institutions Learn about different public policies for the fight against discrimination What is the target audience? Everyone interested in issues related to gender equality and sexual minorities What are the requirements? There are no requeriments, you only need an Internet conection. The transcripts and extra material files are in PDF format. You don't need any background or experience in the area to take the course. This is not a legal course, it has some legal concepts, but they are explained in the lessons. Also, for each video we provide a glossary which you may download.
Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity
Interaction Training
40 mins
A$60 + GST
In this course, we investigate the fundamental, legal right of all our people to equal employment opportunities and to work in an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. This commitment spans every aspect of employment, from recruitment and interview, right through to resignation or retirement.
Commitment Statement: Diversity
Compliance wave
Diversity Awareness in the Workplace
Many organizations only go as far as to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity requirements, without providing specific diversity training. The scope of financial losses that an organization may incur because of the lack of diversity training is much broader than lawsuits and government investigations. If you have a diverse team and provide no diversity training, […]
Human Resources: Diversity Recruiting
Released 1/26/2017 As a buzzword, "diversity" sounds good, but speaking frankly about race, gender, and discrimination can take many talent acquisition professionals out of their comfort zone. In this course, Stacey Gordon explains how to confidently approach your leadership team to ensure that diversity is kept in mind when recruiting, and how to successfully implement a diversity recruitment strategy. She also outlines the most common mistakes that recruiters make, how to review your current recruitment process, and how to assess your success. Topics include: Crafting better job descriptions Sourcing for diversity Impartial interview techniques Avoiding common recruiting mistakes Following up on candidates Reviewing and improving your recruitment process Identifying what isn't working Attracting candidates using social media Updating your company website Becoming an employer of choice
Compliance - Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
Catalyst Education
30 mins
A$29.95 + GST
The aim of this module is to provide you with an overview of equal employment opportunity and discrimination and what it means in the workplace.
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