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Commitment Statement: Diversity
Compliance wave
Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity
Interaction Training
40 mins
A$60 + GSTor
In this course, we investigate the fundamental, legal right of all our people to equal employment opportunities and to work in an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. This commitment spans every aspect of employment, from recruitment and interview, right through to resignation or retirement.
Human Resources: Diversity Recruiting
Released 1/26/2017 As a buzzword, "diversity" sounds good, but speaking frankly about race, gender, and discrimination can take many talent acquisition professionals out of their comfort zone. In this course, Stacey Gordon explains how to confidently approach your leadership team to ensure that diversity is kept in mind when recruiting, and how to successfully implement a diversity recruitment strategy. She also outlines the most common mistakes that recruiters make, how to review your current recruitment process, and how to assess your success. Topics include: Crafting better job descriptions Sourcing for diversity Impartial interview techniques Avoiding common recruiting mistakes Following up on candidates Reviewing and improving your recruitment process Identifying what isn't working Attracting candidates using social media Updating your company website Becoming an employer of choice
Diversity Awareness in the Workplace
Many organizations only go as far as to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity requirements, without providing specific diversity training. The scope of financial losses that an organization may incur because of the lack of diversity training is much broader than lawsuits and government investigations. If you have a diverse team and provide no diversity training, […]
Compliance - Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity
Catalyst Education
30 mins
A$29.95 + GSTor
The aim of this module is to provide you with an overview of equal employment opportunity and discrimination and what it means in the workplace.
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