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Creating an Honest and Theft-free Workplace: Misuse of Company Resources (Compliance Spot)
360 Training
This course reviews the varying ways that an individual can misuse the resources of the company. In addition, this course reminds students that employees at all levels in a company can and do steal from work, and may do so for a variety of reasons.
30 Day Alcohol and Drug Recovery Plan
Denise Roberts
Do you want or need to be free from drugs and alcohol? This 30 day Alcohol and Drug Recovery Plan course will teach you the fundamentals through unique and time-tested approaches. Drug and Alcohol abuse and recovery is an important undertaking and now through the use of technology, students can heal in the space of their own home. The course is designed to provide the student with the tools they need over the next 30 days in order to stay free from drugs and alcohol. You should take this course if you need the expertise of professionals but cannot commit to an inpatient-treatment facility or the expense of an out-patient arrangement. This course also includes exclusive access to a number of free downloadable materials such as e-books, checklists, and resources. This course is about 2 hours however, the material will need to be listened to and referred to over a 30 day time frame. What am I going to get from this course? obtain sobriety from the comfort of their own home. not use alcohol or any other substance for 30 days and beyond. What is the target audience? This 30 day drug and alcohol plan is for people who want to obtain sobriety from the comfort of their own home. Students should be motivated and eager to achieve sobriety. The course is probably not for you if you're looking for in-patient treatment. Students who are detoxing from alcohol or barbituates must have already gone through detox before starting this course. What are the requirements? Students will need to go through detox (covered in Lecture 1) Be ready and dedicated to getting sober - the right mindset is crucial to your success!
How to Stop Drinking Alcohol
Kevin O'Hara
If you're struggling to quit drinking now and you need help, if you’ve struggled in the past, or if want to help someone who is struggling now, this course punctures the bubble of confusing and dangerous misinformation that surrounds the alcohol and the quit alcohol industries, giving you an insight into why you drink alcohol and exactly what you need to do to stop.  Featuring over 12 hours of quality HD videos, this course provides a refreshing way of thinking about stopping drinking. You will learn about the propaganda that keeps you hooked into the lies, even when you know drinking is not good for you. You will learn how your language can distort the how you see reality.  We’ll examine your use of words like alcoholic, moderation, recovery, and the demon drink. I’ll show you that by using those words you are making life much more difficult for yourself when it comes to quitting. We will also take a close look at what you should expect once you do quit. We’ll look at the reality of the symptoms and side effects of quitting drinking. I will show you some simple tricks that will alter your thinking and your entire alcohol quitting experience. You will also learn that your fears can hurt you before you even start on your journey and how making some small changes will allow you to step into your new life full of confidence about the great journey that’s ahead of you. "I've just watched my first video from the course: Video 09 - "Your Commitment to Stopping Putting The Alcohol into Your Mouth" And I just had to email you to say how bloody inspirational it is! It's cheered me right up, and just nudged me back on the right tracks again. Thanks man, you've no idea how much your YouTube channel, books, audio, and videos have helped me over the past couple of years." Paul (Yorkshire, UK) Thanks for your help!Tim (Adelaide, AU) What am I going to get from this course? We’ll look at how you can best manage your thinking and emotions about alcohol. You’ll learn how to see alcohol for what it really is - a debilitating and deadly poison. We’ll consider why it’s so important to understand why you drink and your reasons to quit. We’ll look at some of the more potent obstacles that stand in your way and how to avoid them. This course will show you how to gain control of your life and maintain that control during those all important first few weeks and months. We’ll look at how to deal with people who still drink, especially your family and friends. We’ll go over what to expect from your recovery and some important mindsets that will keep your recovery time and discomfort to a minimum. I’ll show you some of the most common fears about quitting drinking and how to beat them. We’ll explore what you can expect once you quit and how to speed up the process of solidifying your new habits.. We’ll face the big elephant in the room: are you an alcoholic? You’ll discover the four essential mindsets about quitting alcohol for good. What is the target audience? Anyone who wants to simply quit drinking and doesn't want to be called alcoholic. What are the requirements? There is no prior knowledge needed to take this course, just an open mind.
Heal the Habit - Addiction Recovery on a Whole New Level
Melody Litton
***OVER 500 Students Enrolled in the first 48 Hours*** If unwanted habits or addictions are causing you to feel out of control in your life or are holding you back from all you know you are meant to be, today is a day of hope. Heal the Habit guides you on a journey unlike any other. It teaches you how to heal on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level and helps you receive this healing in a natural and peaceful way. It goes way beyond willpower or determination and, instead, helps you reach deep within yourself to find the desire, motivation, and ability to change your life and to release the unwanted habit. It guides you in learning to claim the healing power available to you and helps you to connect with both yourself and your Higher Power on a deeper and more meaningful level. The journey incorporates teaching, insight, healing music, guided visualizations, and the power of hypnosis to help bring the positive changes you desire. There are ten steps within this journey. Each step includes a short video, a hypnosis/meditation audio recording, as well as time for reflection and journaling. The steps are meant to be taken at the pace that feels best to you. One step per week is often most comfortable and you are encouraged to listen to each audio recording several times before moving forward with the next step. Heal the Habit is meant for both behavioral and substance addictions, great and small. Any unwanted habit or addiction can be addressed through this course. Some of the issues that can be helped through this course are smoking and alcohol addictions, gambling, gaming, and electronic addictions, sugar and food addictions, as well as shopping and sexual addictions, including pornography. The list is endless. Heal the Habit can complement any other treatment or program you have tried in the past or are currently undertaking. It is not meant to replace medical advice or traditional therapies. It is, however, a beautiful new tool to add to your arsenal as you fight the battle for freedom and of creating the life you truly desire. I encourage you to begin your journey toward freedom today and stop the unwanted habits or addictions that are holding you back!I am so confident that you will both enjoy and benefit from this course that I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose! Enroll today and feel the healing benefits that so many others are already witnessing in their lives. What am I going to get from this course? Leave addiction in your past and move forward in creating a life of freedom Instead of facing continual self-sabotaging and trying to force recovery with only willpower on your side; after this course each part of you will be working together with the same goal of recovery and lifelong health and freedom Connect on a deeper level with the very best parts of yourself Discover and strengthen your connection with God, or your Higher Power Find greater focus and enthusiasm for the things that truly matter to you What is the target audience? Anyone who struggles with an unwanted habit or addiction will benefit from taking this course. The audio recordings within this course are designed to take you to a natural state of hypnosis to help bring powerful and lasting change. Please do not take this course if a medical or mental health professional has advised you to avoid hypnosis due to any personal diagnosis. What are the requirements? If you are under the care of a medical or mental health professional, you must first consult with them before beginning this course. This course is not meant to replace medical advice. Do not stop taking any medications or make any drastic life changes without discussing it with your mental health or medical professional. Each of the steps includes both a video recording and audio recording. Each audio recording is meant to be listened to regularly over the course of days or weeks before moving forward. This class will typically take ten weeks or more to complete. After completion, the materials may continue to be used throughout your life for continual support.
Commitment Statement: Drugs and Alcohol
Compliance wave
Drug and alcohol awareness
Interaction Training
35 mins
A$60 + GST
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and for those affected by our operations and activities. This course is designed to assist people in making reasonable decisions about the health, safety and well-being of themselves and those around them in relation to the effects of alcohol and the risks associated with taking medications and other drugs.
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