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Customer discovery interviews, with Victoria Cullen
Fitzroy Academy
25 mins
Course OverviewLearn to build a product by interviewing customers, and conquer social anxiety.In this 1 module course, you'll learn to do your first cusomter interview. The course has 5 videos and a bunch of resources to help you get started.Learning ObjectivesThis course will:Teach you who is and isn't your customerHelp you design your questionnaireShow you some tips and tricks to overcome your social anxiety.Lesson ResourcesCustomer Discovery lesson template:blankThe Mom Test : I love this easy to read, giggle-inducing and actionable guide by Rob Fitz. He’s learnt the hard way how to NOT do customer research and turned those learnings into exercises. Sneaky Bonus His blog The StartupToolkit is also full of business model and startup life wisdom.Blogs & Videos:CustomerDev Labs : Consistent videos and posts around the nuts n bolts of customer interviews. Has a tech focus but do not be put off the mindest can be applied to anything.Farnam Street Blog : A blog on Behavioural Economics and insights on how people make decisions. This isn’t directly related to just Customer Experience but I have picked up a lot of fundamental ideas around cognitive biases and mental models that have helped my interview skills.Jobs to Be Done : Another Customer Experience framework based around conceptualising your product/service being used to achieve a ‘job’. For example, someone buys a toaster to do the job of breakfast. I find this framework useful for understanding and improving existing products/services better.Articles:What I Learned Talking to 500 Customers in 4 Weeks : I find it helpful to get case studies from people who actually did the often time consuming and emotional stretching process of customer interviewing. Here is how one founder did 500 interviews in 4 weeks. Sneaky bonus he shares the Google spreadsheet he uses to record his interview data.The Two Main Challenges of Customer Dev Research : This article actually mentions more than two, I like it mainly for the list of further readings at the end.Duration25 Minutes
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