Learning Live Digital: Courses & Resources. How far are we from an effective, modern learning content strategy? 

Tue 25th Oct 2022
Our monthly Learning Live Digital event, brought to you by the LPI and Go1. Our session was for L&D professionals looking to ask the burning questions about learning content strategy and how to take people development to the next level.
Natalie McDonnell, Events Manager (UK)

The last year has highlighted the importance of supporting distanced learning for most organisations in response to the pandemic, changing demographics, new ways of working and the need to develop new skills for the changing world of work. 

For many organisations, digital learning content, resources and courses have been a critical pillar of corporate learning for the last two decades or more.  

Others have been embracing digital learning approaches for the first time – nearly all have expanded adoption.  

But two years into the pandemic, it’s time to reflect.  

In this session, Ollie Browning, VP Sales EMEA at Go1 and David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group, answered the following questions:  

  • What content are organisations using? 
  • Why are they using it?
  • Where is learning content needed the most? 
  • What type of content are organisations investing in and where is the innovation? 
  • What’s working? 
  • How do you maximise the adoption and value of learning content? 

Check out the presentation for yourself here:

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