Essential Management Skills

Manager Foundation
2 hrs

Essential Management Skills

Manager Foundation
2 hrs
$49per person
$49per person

Did anyone show you how to manage and motivate your employees?

Managing employees is time consuming and difficult because people are complex.

And when your people don;t perform - it's you the manager who has to pick up the pieces.

Find out the Essential Management Skills so that you can get results in less time.

Be a better boss to accelerate your career success and happiness.

How to make sure that you get the most from this module
Do This Firstresource
What is the Problem With Managingresource
Overview - The Secret to Manager Successresource
Stepping into Your Manager Shoesresource
Finding Out Your Boss SuperPowerresource
The Essential Manager Skills
The Management Foundations - Introductionvideo
Self Leadership
Self Leadershipvideo
Your Self Leadership Planresource
Self Leadership: Visionresource
Self Leadership: Know Thyselfresource
Wellbeing at Work
Managing Diverse Teams
Managing Diversityvideo
Hiring for Performancevideo
New Employee Onboarding
Employee Integration & Setting Expectationsvideo
One on One Meetings With Staff
Functional Work Relationships Through 1 on 1svideo
Solving Employee Problems Through Active Listening
Active Listeningvideo
Performance Communication
Inspiring Performance Communicationvideo
Introduction to Performance Communicationresource
What's Your Performance Communication Scorequiz
Performance Communication Score Interpretationresource
Performance Communication - Benefits for Your Employeesresource
Performance Communication - Benefits for You the manager (and Companies)resource
Employee Growth - Delegation
Delegation - Benefits for Employeesresource
Employee Growth - Development
Employee Developmentvideo
Conclusion - The Management Foundations
Conclusion: Foundationsvideo
Next Steps
Next Steps to Get The Most From This Module
Next Stepsresource
Joining the Manager Foundation Alumni Communityresource
CPD (CPE) Continuing Professional Development Creditsdocument
Are You on the List for the Next WWW.BOSS.CAMP? Find Out How to Apply Hereresource