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The positive impact of online learning on society

John Sherman

Although you might assume that online learning serves the student first and foremost, that’s not always the case. This growing trend of digital learning also translates into an improvement in society thanks to the many ways it progresses skills in communication, collaboration, technology, and education as a whole.


Incorporating online learning for everyone from preschool students through to those enrolled in post-graduate studies means society as a whole is presented with a chance to improve. Not only is digital learning creating a smarter civilization, but one that is well-informed on new technology and on top of the latest and greatest trends within their chosen fields.

Online learning in the corporate world also has a great impact on society, as these current employees are the innovators and trainers of our future workforce. By understanding the importance of digital learning, these companies can ensure they cater to the next wave of employees by offering them a flexible and relevant chance at education too.

Here are just five ways that society can benefit from online learning, indicating a greater need than ever to switch to this modern style of education and training.

Online learning keeps you abreast of technology

In a world so consumed with technology (and in particular those gadgets which make life easier and information more accessible), there’s never been a better time to start utilizing online learning. Not only are you teaching yourself the core skills relevant to your course, but you’re building on your digital skills too.

Using computer software, navigating the internet, and learning through different forms of digital media are all great ways that eLearners can improve their technological skills. With more and more people having access to modern technology and devices, our society becomes more tech-savvy as a whole and stays atop the latest trends.

Online learning is an innovative way to collaborate socially

Online learning promotes the use of podcasts, file sharing, discussion boards, and social media to prompt discussions about the coursework and other relevant ideas. These innovative ways of sharing information herald the future of communication, so those participating in online learning can one day lead the way that society connects in modern times.

Online learning helps you make use of downtime and improve motivation

Having access to eLearning modules shows students how to better utilize their downtime, and this skill will be with them for the rest of their lives. With a society of more productive citizens who excel in time management, there is going to be a great overall improvement in our organizational skills and thirst for knowledge.

Online learning helps us build a smarter workforce

A study by Harvard showed that participants in an online learning experiment were able to retain information better when it was broken into segments, rather than forcing the entire lecture on them in one go. With our students retaining more information than ever thanks to digital learning, we’re ensuring a smarter workforce overall.

Online learning gives our children a better start

Having access to digital learning modules in the classroom can help teach our young students more than ever before. With virtual simulations and models, teachers are able to communicate subjects that may have previously been out of reach. Video conferencing and social platforms allow students to communicate with others from different countries and share information like never before. 

The statistics of improvement with online learning

Starting at a very young age, students are now benefiting from online learning strategies in a huge way. Reports from 2010 showed a dramatic improvement in understanding when utilizing a mobile app for preschool kids…and college students are now improving their grades with statistics applications that are incorporated into the coursework. These are just a couple of examples but there are quite literally thousands more out there.

Students themselves have testified to their own increasing levels of interest when engaged in online learning strategies, so it’s clear that harnessing this style of education is crucial to the improvement of society and also important in fostering our children’s desire for learning as a whole.

Statistics also show that today 77% of US companies have some form of online learning available to their staff, indicating a huge growth in this education method in the workforce too.

By improving the skill level, communication techniques, and the technological prowess of its students, online learning is improving our society at breakneck speeds. Whether this training is being incorporated in the workforce or as an individual’s education plan, there’s no denying that societies all over the world can be greatly improved with more online learning initiatives.



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