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Case Study: Aged Care Learning Solutions

Mikaela Gladden
Jul 18, 2019

The new Aged Care Quality Standards are now in place across Australia, which means if you haven't already, now is really the time to familiarise yourself with them. The standards apply to all aged care services, including residential care, home care, flexible care and services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

In order to meet the standards, staff must be well-equipped and feel confident in delivering the best possible care. To support this, GO1 has partnered with Australian training provider Aged Care Learning Solutions to bring you all the online training courses you need to be ACQS compliant. 

We recently sat down with Deb Shearman, Director of Aged Care Learning Solutions, to hear a little bit more about ACLS content, and how it has been developed to connect with learners and prepare organisations for the new ACQS.

See what Deb has to say below:

The company

“To be the destination that empowers people to engage in lifelong learning that continually develops their knowledge, skills and attitudes that will benefit the people they provide care and services to.”

Aged Care Learning Solutions (ACLS) has been helping aged care service providers meet their compliance requirements and address their unique needs since 2004. They were the first external eLearning provider to partner with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and receive endorsement for their educational material.

With 15 years of experience developing online learning solutions, e-Learning content and courseware specific for the Community Services Industry, ACLS focuses on creating learning experiences that transfer to the workplace and promote a desire for ongoing learning.

The partnership

The partnership between GO1 and ACLS started in 2018. Initially, like with any new partnership, ACLS had some reservations however what got them across the line with GO1 "was their authenticity," says Deb. "We didn’t feel like it was a sales pitch or one sided."

"When we were approached by GO1 the timing was perfect, as we were considering additional options to expand the distribution of our new suite of learning resources developed by ACLS in response the Aged Care Quality Standards."

Deb also explains:

"Our relationship with GO1 is very much a collaborative one. The aged care sector was a relatively new industry sector for GO1. They had recognised the massive current and future opportunity it presented and right from the beginning were keen to learn from us and work together.

Their enthusiasm and recognition of our expertise has been refreshing and we are really impressed by how quickly and extensively they have connected with the sector."      

The content

ACLS prides themselves in being responsive and adaptive to the changes in the care industry, ensuring their content is of the highest quality, current and reflects the industry’s needs. That is why they created the “About Me” series to connect with learners and prepare them for the new ACQS.

"Much of the content is stories told by the older person to give a personal context to the standards, outcomes and requirements.

We have always had a strong consumer rights focus in our content development so the new standards underpinned by dignity and choice meant we could really build on this.

Our training content includes interactive e-Learning courses, supplemented with additional reading and workplace activities relevant for all job roles in both residential and home aged care.

We have recently produced a series of nine videos called our ‘About Me’ series and our next project is our ‘Look and Act’ toolkits comprising 3 to 5 minute videos addressing a number of areas under Standard 3 of the new aged care standards."        

Developed to supplement the work aged care providers have been doing during the transition period to prepare for the new standards, the "About Me" series has allowed ACLS to reach their goal to enable learners to have greater control over their lifelong learning journey, to the benefit of themselves and their employers.

The results

Debra has been happy to hear positive feedback on the "About Me" series:

"There are some other resources available but we were very excited when told that the ‘About Me’ videos hit the mark!"  

Since becoming a GO1 Content Partner, Deb says that ACLS has been able to reach new audiences with their learning content "through the network they have and continue to build along with contemporary marketing techniques, plus an engaging and genuine sales approach."

She also attributes this to the "willingness GO1 has to take on board our ideas and suggestions and run with them."

The future

ACLS understands that the Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS) may be overwhelming, but they are here to help.

We thank Deb for sharing her time and thoughts with us and encourage you to check out the "About Me" series, plus the additional learning resources from Aged Care Learning Solutions, available in GO1 Premium.

Don’t be caught out! The assessment and monitoring against the standards has begun. We are ready... are you? 

Interested in joining GO1 Premium as a content partner? Get in touch with our Content Partner team at [email protected] to find out more.  

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