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Getting started
1. Get in touch

Reach out to us and one of our Sales Representatives will contact you with more information on how to become a Partner and organize an initial solution design call with your Implementation Manager. They will also provide a Test Partner Portal and OAuth Client, which you can use to access our API.

2. Review the Distribution Partner Terms

A tailored copy of the Distribution Partner Terms will be provided by a Go1 Sales Representative when you get in touch. However, in the meantime, feel free to take a look at our Go1 Partner Agreement which is relevant to all of our partners.

3. Authenticate (developer step)

To authenticate with Go1, generate a set of tokens following the OAuth 2.0 standard protocol.

4. Build your integration (developer step)

Read through The basics to get an overview of the roles and features used at Go1.
Then, head over to the Quick start guide to start building.
Feel free to reach out to your Implementation Manager at any point for help. We are excited to have you on-board!

5. Go live checklist

- Demo your integration

Contact your Implementation Manager to set up a demo and remember to include:

  • How the integration is set up and configured by the customer (using OAuth for both new and existing Go1 customers)
  • How the platform integrates and communicates with Go1
  • Any custom requirements we should be aware of i.e. mandatory fields required by the integration to work or any outstanding issues

- Get a new set of client credentials

Once your integration is complete, you will receive a new Partner Portal and OAuth Client which you can use to update your integration and push it live. You will also need to update the creation_path from 'Test' to 'Integration'.

- Brief your Support Team

Train your Support Team so they know how to assist customers during the on-boarding process and when using the integration. Your Implementation Manager will sync up your Support Team with ours, so they can cover off who will handle what when it comes to customer inquiries.

- Provide a demo instance

Go1 will require access to a demo instance of your application for troubleshooting, supporting customer inquiries and showcasing the integration to prospective clients (in cases where Go1 manages sales opportunities).

- Go live with your first customer

We will be on standby to support you and your customers through this process, so if anything comes up, just let us know.

6. Track your customer portals

Partner Hub provides a single view of all customer portals created under your partner portal. Sign in at any time to see how they are tracking.

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