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The most seamless solution for content discovery is for content to be displayed inside the partner application, where the learner can search in a familiar setting. This is often done inside a sort of training library or catalog.

See our API reference for all available endpoints, or jump to Play content to learn about the different ways to access the content.

If it isn't possible to surface content inside the partner application, a URL can be inserted somewhere in the workflow for learners to link out to GO1 (preferably using SSO).

Using Go1, learners have access to a range of filters and recommendations which can assist them with their search.


Partners can also offer customers the ability to enroll learners into content, which is often the choice for compliance or regulatory style training.

Enrolling learners into content is one of the core use cases of the Go1 platform and can be done via API, in the Go1 web application or be managed entirely within a partner's platform.


Discover content in Go1 using a one-time-login-token
Discover content in Go1 using SSO
Discover content locally via API
Discover content via GraphQL
Create enrollments in Go1
Create enrollments locally via API
Create enrollments locally via SCORM

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