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If a partner is looking to manage the assignment of content inside Go1, instead of using the partner application, user accounts must be created in advance.

If assigning content inside the partner application, or if there is no requirement for content to be assigned, users can just access the content as they need it (see Play content).

When a user account is created by any of the below methods, a welcome email is sent. This and many other types of notifications can be configured from within the portal. If using the API to create a portal, notifications can be disabled in the request (see Create a portal via API).

If a partner wishes to create users with additional attributes, Custom Fields can be added to the portal by Go1. To request this, speak with your Implementation Manager. Once created, they can be populated via the API or in the portal directly.

Once a user is created, the account can never be permanently deleted. To remove access, set the status to 'blocked' inside the portal.

It is possible to add existing Go1 users to a portal by using


Or, assuming you already have an OAuth token for the portal, you can make a POST request to https://api.go1.com/v2/users as usual. The OAuth token used will make sure the system recognizes the user's email and will invite the user to the target portal.


Create users via API
Create users in Go1

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