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Create a portal

All customers using a partner application to communicate with Go1 services, require a portal in order to manage their users and content. Each user holds an account inside the portal and any permissions provided to the partner, are in relation to this account only.

There are many circumstances in which it makes sense for a partner to have control over it's customer's on-boarding with Go1, such as when:

  • A significant number of portals need to be created
  • A partner needs to deliver specific content to customers
  • A partner is enabling Go1 for all customers

If any of the above cases apply, portals should be provisioned using one of the options below.

When creating a customer portal, valid contact details for the customer's admin user (first name, last name, email, phone), and valid company details (customer name, country, industry) must be provided.

Different types of notifications can be configured from within the portal once created. Or, if using the API to create a portal, notifications can be disabled during provisioning.


Create a portal via API
Create a portal using OAuth
Create a portal using Partner Hub

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