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Culture | How to Manage Team Conflict


Culture | How to Manage Team Conflict


Understand how to harness healthy conflict in teams and how to manage conflict conversations.

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Culture is not so easily defined. We think about culture as the mix of ingredients to get a recipe right. How to manage team conflict with Learoy Tonight will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand what drives culture and what you can do to create and foster the one that's right for you.

If you thought you were living in a world where conflict never exists, well I'm about to burst your bubble, because it does. If you already knew that but thought, 'Hey, my team members are adults – they'll figure it out themselves', then guess what? They won't.

The reality is, when you avoid conflict, it doesn't go away. It just bubbles under the surface, festers and creates divides. Between two individuals, it can likely become a situation whereby each person recruits on either side. This causes rifts across the whole team. In most cases, if you don't deal with it early, you'll be managing many of the symptoms before you ever get to the real cause.

Each lecture in this course has been carefully selected for you to explore how to implement relevant and meaningful strategies to support you as a leader and culture driver now and in the future.

This course will provide you with many tips and tricks you can utilize inside and out of your workplace, it will encourage and motivate you to really understand and support the environment you're trying to create.

Learoy Tonight is a fresh business with interesting and modern ideas towards education. Many people take part in creating these courses – from subject matter experts, to researchers and designers – to ensure you are provided with the best learning experience and the most up to date information. We are excited about education and want to give you the opportunity to be the best you can be.

This course will take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete and will cover ways you can tackle conflict head on, and embrace positive team conflict at work. Our content will give you the opportunity to listen to experts and understand relevant models for you to use on your journey to a strong team culture. This will be an experience to enjoy with a collection of videos, interviews and engaging imagery throughout our presentations.

This course is a small section of our Culture: In the Mix journey. If you would like to really challenge yourself, join us for the entire culture building experience.

What are you waiting for? Start tonight, be on your way to amazing culture tomorrow.

Section 1 – Welcome to How to Manage Team Conflict

What's it all about?

Lecture 1 – Welcome to How to Manage Team Conflictvideo
Section 2 – How Different Perceptions Cause Conflict

We know our perceptions become our reality, but let's explore how they also create conflict at work.

Lecture 2 – How Different Perceptions Cause Conflictvideo
Lecture 3 – A Quote from Delores Huertadocument
Section 3 – Other Factors that Cause Conflict

Let's take a look at those things that create unhealthy workplace and how conflict can escalate to crisis if not managed well.

Lecture 5 – Moving from Conflict to Crisisvideo
Lecture 4 – Other Factors that Cause Conflictvideo
Section 4 – How we Communicate in Conflict

When conflict occurs, our choice of communication can make all the difference.

Lecture 7 – The Importance of Authentic Communicationdocument
Lecture 6 – How we Communicate in Conflictvideo
Section 5 – How to Deal with Conflict

Here we will explore how to deal with conflict and look at seven steps that can help you manage the conversation.

Lecture 11 – Avoid Workplace Tug-of-Wardocument
Lecture 10 – Advocacy and Inquirydocument
Lecture 9 – Getting the Balance Right in Conversationsvideo
Lecture 8 – Ways to Deal with Conflictvideo
Section 6 – Congratulations! You now know how to Manage Team Conflict

Where to from here?

Lecture 12 – How to Manage Team Conflictvideo