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Case Study: HESTA

Scott Cooper
Sep 26, 2017

HESTA is passionate about supporting employees to continue their personal and professional growth. The industry super fund knows that supporting learning and development is integral to ensuring employees are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and the skills required to be leaders within their individual roles.

Superannuation is a complex industry and as such the learning and professional development requirements include a combination of compliance, professional development, soft and interpersonal skills training and CPD all in play, ensuring that you can keep on top of everything can be a challenge.


For HESTA, making the decision to partner with GO1 for their training has not only simplified the way the learning processes is managed - it also got their employees excited about agile learning, and sharing knowledge throughout the organisation.

The Company

HESTA is the industry super fund in Australia when it comes to health and community services. They are well established as the largest super fund dedicated to this sector, and have a history of strong, long-term returns. They are committed to improving the retirement outcomes of their members so that they may live comfortably when they retire.

Commitment to providing benefits that their members want, and allowing members take control of their future with quality education and advice about super has allowed them to gain the trust of their members and keep their services relevant to their needs.

The Challenge

Like many organisations, HESTA have conducted their training, whether they be face-to-face or virtually, with attendance being recorded in Microsoft Excel. The sessions were about keeping up-to-date with industry knowledge, internal processes or skill development, but there was no central place to see all the learning available, access online learning or report on all the learning happening across the organisation.

The team were manually tracking internal training, however, if a team member went to an external training program not run by HESTA, it was up to the employee to keep their own records, and visibility of all learning happening across the organisation was stored in multiple locations. Having a large portion of their team working remotely, this was proving to be challenging and with the organisation expecting to increase their workforce in the coming years, it was important to have oversight of learning holistically.

After a deep review of their learning and compliance practices, the HESTA team made the decision to take a different approach on how they provided and managed learning, and started the process to find a learning management system that could improve the delivery and tracking of learning material across the organisation.

“We wanted a central place to be able to report on and record training.” says Sophie Sigalas, Executive, People Strategy at HESTA.

“We were looking for a solution to meet the needs of our business, as well as being intuitive to use and both mobile and desktop friendly.”

Having a scalable solution was a key priority as HESTA started reviewing several training platforms, and reflecting on her past experience with usability from both an administrator and users perspective, HESTA’s Capability Consultant, Renee McCoy was well aware of the pain points and what she needed from the platform.

Integrations were also a key factor as the platform of choice needed to be able to work alongside HESTA’s existing tools, as well as being intuitive to use, simple for anyone to be able to create and share content in the system, and easy to manage from an administrator’s point of view.

The Solution

The HESTA project team, made up of key business representatives, narrowed the field of options on the market, leading to the selection of GO1 as the learning management system.

Speaking on the decision to select GO1, Renee says:

“The solution was very easy to use - very scalable, it was a great fit to have alongside our other systems such as Yammer, being very visual, easy to use and encouraging people interaction. Also, the fantastic support I received over that time in terms of the procurement process. Any questions that we had were answered very quickly, and our concerns were clarified and solutions discussed.”

“It was also important for us to have a partner that was Australian based, they are an entrepreneurial organisation that is growing, and the solution is developing with us at the same time.”

When it came to getting everything up and running for the HESTA team, the GO1 customer success team were on hand to ensure that the process went smoothly. Regular communication to ensure all implementation processes and timelines were adhered to were set up, so working through the process was very easy for Renee and her team to keep track of.

“Having the GO1 team assist in getting our single sign on set up, helping to develop learner profiles, and configure the system specifically for our team was a huge help for us.”

Getting access to learning content was another area in which HESTA could use the GO1 platform, and Renee says that the GO1 Premium package was exactly what they were looking for.

“We knew that GO1 had a fantastic library of premium content, which made things super easy for us to get ready for launch. GO1 Premium has allowed us to provide courses in both the soft skills space and tech space, and that we can curate appropriate content that’s ready to go for our users, they’re thrilled.”

Tracking CPD requirements for employees throughout the year was a critical element of the learning process, and by utilising the GO1 Awards feature, being able to easily track these requirements made the entire process much simpler for both employees and for the risk and compliance team.

“We are still working with the GO1 team to incorporate new features and content delivery methods, but our focus for the initial launch was to have some content in the system that could be tracked for CPD, and provide a really smooth user experience.”

The Results

HESTA currently have 250 learners in their GO1 system completing learning. The learning includes a range of elements such as GO1 premium content for professional development, enrolling in scheduled workshops which are run as face to face and virtual events, registering their CPD training, and tracking external training events taking place outside of the organisation.

“As an administrator, the simplicity of being able to have everything in one place from a reporting perspective with no surprises, compared to what was previously dispersed across multiple systems, is huge for our organisation for reporting and transparency perspective.”

Being able to curate content using the GO1 system has also been a huge advantage for the HESTA team. Allocating specific content from the library to individual teams means that there is more direction and relevance place on all training material, making addressing challenges throughout teams a much simpler process.

“It’s changed the way that we talk about, think about, and promote learning so that people are starting to build habits around continuing self-development because the content is there for them to access whenever they have the time to learn, as opposed to having to wait for a scheduled program.”

Renee notes, that people are starting to think about learning in different ways across the business, with more and more employees wanting to get involved in the learning process.

“What we are noticing is that we have got people in the business approaching us to say, ‘I’ve got some content, can we put that into the LMS?’ which is great to see and we are excited to be able to support and build together. A great part about GO1 is that it is so easy for anyone to add content and share with others across the organisation.

We are seeing subject matter experts from across the business now starting to use the platform to share their internal knowledge with both their direct and indirect team, which in turn helps to improve skills such as job knowledge, technology adoption, to a range of other areas.

I love the fact that in our organisation we have had people across HESTA involved and collaborating on this learning management system project right from the start, and people are already thinking about how they can get involved and use the system.”

Since implementing GO1, the constant collaboration and flexible learning availability has enabled the HESTA team to start evolving at a much more rapid pace, which is a vital aspect for fast growing teams.

While they are just getting started, the impact of GO1 across the organisation has been positive, and it’s exciting to see how things can continue to evolve from here.

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