Discover Your Boss SuperPower

Manager Foundation
1 hr

Discover Your Boss SuperPower

Manager Foundation
1 hr
A$49per person
A$49per person

Course Overview

Beware of "One Size Fits All" management advice because we are all different and what works for one person may not work for you.

Learning Objectives 

• Improve your Self-Awareness on your journey to become a better boss

• Get an entertaining & informative psychological profile

• Identify your boss strengths and weaknesses

• Knowing your Boss SuperPower is an important Manager Skill

Business Outcomes

Before you can lead others you must lead yourself. Self Leadership starts with Self Awareness. The Boss SuperPower will tell you what your manager strengths are and what your management blindspots are. The Boss SuperPower will tell you what your employees think of you and will give you customised advice on how you can be a better boss. This will help to improve your communication and manager skills. The assessment uses a scientifically validated model to provide validated answers in an entertaining and memorable way.

Target Audience

This course is appropriate for Managers. 

Introduction to Your Boss Super Power
Introduction to Self Awareness: What Type of Boss Are You?video
Take the Boss SuperPower Assessment Hereresource
Your “Weaknesses” / Manager Kryptoniteresource
Setting yourself up for success with online developmentresource
Ways to Improve Your Boss Power
Introduction to Improving Your Boss Powerresource
Relationship Power: Through Effective One on Onesresource
Being a Persuasive Communicator – Performance Communications:resource
Being a Persuasive Communicator – Active Listening Coaching Skills:resource
How to Communicate with Everyoneresource
(BONUS) The 5 Times you Need to Pick up the Phone Instead of Text Someone for Better Communicationsresource
Investing in Your Employees Future: Coaching your Employeesresource
Ways to Improve your Boss SuperPower: Conclusionresource
How does the SuperPower work?
DISC Behaviour profiling: The Engine Behind the Boss SuperPowerresource
An Instruction Manual for People: DISCresource
What does Your Theme Tune / Lovechild Mean?resource
Exercise: Classify Your Own Acquaintancesresource
What is the Scientific Testing behind DISC?resource
Next Steps & Related Material
Achieving Manager Zen By Acceptanceresource
Essential Manager Skillsresource
Find out how meditation can make you a better bossresource
Please provide feedbackresource
End Bonusresource