Import content using Go1s authoring tools

Use Go1's authoring tools to upload and publish your content offering to the Go1 Content Hub.

This guide walks through the process of distributing your content via the Go1 Content Hub, using your Go1's authoring tools (your Content Portal) to create and publish your content to market.

We recommend this guide if your content consists of physical files, eg. SCORM, videos, documents, etc. If your content is web-based, we recommend reviewing our guide on Integrating your content via the API.

The steps in this guide are outlined below and have been assembled together as a recipe from our wider integration concepts to help you integrate by following a simple step by step process. You can review all of the integration options outlined in the image below or via the sidebar on the developer docs homepage.


Tasks to complete
1. Connect: 1.1 Setup a Go1 Portal and Author account
2. Author your content: 2.1 Author content using Go1 tools
3. Distribute your content: 3.1 Launch your content to market
4. Obtain insights: 4.1 Content insights dashboard
1. Connect: 1.1 Setup a Go1 Portal and Author account

Get started by setting up your Content Portal and author account


This guide demonstrates the process of requesting a content partner account, also known as a portal, by reaching out to your dedicated partner manager. By following the steps of this guide – you will be provisioned with a content partner portal and authoring account, which will enable you to start building or integrating your content into the Go1 environment.

What is your content partner portal used for / why is it required

When onboarding your content into Go1 under a Content Partner arrangement (i.e you are partnering with Go1 to distribute your content to our global market), you are required to create a unique portal entity so that your content can be built into and assigned under this account.

Content portals are the gateway for distributing your content into the global pool of customers that access content via the Go1 platform.

How it works

It is simple to create a content partner portal to get the onboarding process started.

1. Sign up as a Go1 Content Provider

To get started, reach out to our Content Partnerships team who will help you sign up to Go1. Part of this process involves signing up as a verified content provider in the Go1 library - our team will work closely with you to help you review our Content Provider terms and conditions, which govern your provisioning of all learning resources into the library. Once accepted by you (when you sign Go1’s relevant registration form, paper-based agreement or by accepting the Provider Terms online at the Website), these Provider Terms become a formal agreement between you and Go1 (Agreement).

To sign a Go1 Content Provider Terms agreement, simply reach out to [email protected], who can help you through this process.

2. Get access to your Content Portal & Author Account

After you've signed up, our dedicated partnerships team will provision a Content Partner Portal on your behalf. In order to provision the portal, the Go1 team will need details to assign to your portal, so please provide these to the team:

  1. Preferred portal name (what customers will see assigned to your learning)
  2. Portal URL (the URL you will use to access the portal)
  3. The country of your organisation or residence

To get access to your content portal, the Go1 team will provision you with an author account, which you can use to log in and create/onboard your content. The partnerships team will automatically create this account for you, using the email address you have been using to communicate with the team. If you do wish to use a different email address or add additional authors, please ensure to communicate this to the Go1 team. Additionally, by default, the author account will be assigned the name of your organisation or brand (by default we do not use personal names for authoring accounts). If you do wish to have the account under a different name, please ensure to mention this to the partnership team.

Once provisioned, you will automatically receive an email from Go1, that provides you with a ‘one-time access link’ for you to log in to the portal and update your password.

You're done, great job! For more information or to see what else is possible with Go1, explore our Concepts or API reference.