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Play content using your SCORM Player

If you maintain a SCORM player, often the most convenient method to provide content to your learners is to retrieve Go1's learning objects as binary SCORM files and launch them using the player embedded in your application.

Go1 uses a 'SCORM wrapper' to provide SCORM packages to third party systems. Using the SCORM wrapper, each learning object is embedded into a SCORM file, which can be downloaded in .zip format. When the downloaded SCORM file is played in your SCORM player, the user will see and interact with an embedded piece of content that exists in Go1 servers.

With the SCORM wrapper, Go1 takes care of the heavy lifting by managing your learner's ability to access the content. When using the SCORM wrapper, learners can play content without the need for a Go1 account. When a new learner accesses a SCORM package within your application for the first time, the SCORM wrapper will automatically create an account in Go1 and track all enrollment activity.

It's important to note, that each downloaded SCORM file is unique to a customer account (Go1 portal). When you want to retrieve and play Go1 content for a customer via the API, you will be required to pass the customer access_token to retrieve content.

As a prerequisite, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the Search and Display Go1 Content page. Implementation of a search and display function is generally required before building the play functionality. Additionally, downloading content in SCORM format utilizes the Learning Objects endpoint, which is introduced within the search interface.

How it works

In the Go1 database, each learning object (LO) is identified by a unique id. This is referred to this as a lo-id. Using the Learning Objects endpoint, you can retrieve a list of learning objects and their associated lo-id's. A guide for retrieving a list of learning objects is outlined here: Search and Display GO1 Content.

Once you have retrieved the list of learning objects and associated lo-id's, you are ready to download the learning object in SCORM format, ingest, and play within your platform.

To download a learning object in SCORM format, make a GET request to https://api.go1.com/v2/learning-objects/{lo-id}/scorm, replacing {lo-id} with the unique id of the learning object you wish to download. For example:


When a successful request is made, the API will return with a SCORM package in .zip format.

Once you have retrieved the SCORM package, based on your platform's functionality, as well as your integration use-case, you may surface the content in a way that is meaningful to your end-users. Some examples might include:

  • Ingesting and playing the retrieved SCORM package for learners immediately within your platform
  • Adding the retrieved SCORM package to a course, learning pathway or classroom that your admin users are preparing within your platform

Ultimately, how you interact with the endpoint, surface, and play the content is up to you! We suggest referring to our full API reference documentation here when implementing this endpoint.

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