Culture | How to Build Collaborative and Focused Teams


Culture | How to Build Collaborative and Focused Teams


Learn how to set your team up, with a clear understanding of what good looks like, by defining goals and forming a plan.

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Culture is not so easily defined. We think about culture as the mix of ingredients to get a recipe right. How to build collaborative, performance focused teams with Learoy Tonight will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand what drives culture and what you can do to create and foster the one that's right for you.

Building trust and ultimately collaboration leads to real support for each other. A factor that's so important as any business strives to achieve the goals of individuals and teams within it.

One of the most critical jobs you have as a leader, is to set your team up, with a clear understanding of what good looks like, by defining goals and forming a great plan.

A good culture is one that allows everyone to support the others playing to strength, where it's 'we're all in this together' not 'every man for himself'. A plan helps us give purpose to get there.

Each lecture in this course has been carefully selected for you to explore how to implement relevant and meaningful strategies to support you as a leader and culture driver now and in the future.

This course will provide you with many tips and tricks you can utilize inside and out of your workplace, it will encourage and motivate you to really understand and support the environment you're trying to create.

Learoy Tonight is a fresh business with interesting and modern ideas towards education. Many people take part in creating these courses – from subject matter experts, to researchers and designers – to ensure you are provided with the best learning experience and the most up to date information. We are excited about education and want to give you the opportunity to be the best you can be.

This course will take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete and will cover all of the things you need to build collaborative, performance focused teams. Our content will give you the opportunity to listen to experts and understand relevant models for you to use on your journey to a strong team culture. This will be an experience to enjoy with a collection of videos, interviews and engaging imagery throughout our presentations.

This course is a small section of our Culture: In the Mix journey. If you would like to really challenge yourself, join us for the entire culture building experience.

What are you waiting for? Start tonight, be on your way to amazing culture tomorrow.

Section 1 – Welcome to How to Build Collaborative, Performance Focused Teams

In this module you will be seeing the different ways to build a good relationship with your team, also find out how to motivate them and encourage trust.

Lecture 1 – Welcome to How to Build Collaborative, Performance Focused Teamsvideo
Section 2 – Building Trust

In this module you will understand what workplace with trust and without trust looks like.You will also see the ways which you can build trust with your team using Stephen Covey's Theory on The Speed of Trust. We will also look at the relationship between good communication and trust and what trust looks like at work.

Lecture 6 – A Quote from Ed Catmulldocument
Lecture 5 – Ways to Restore Trustvideo
Lecture 4 – Good Communication and Trustvideo
Lecture 2 – What Does Trust Look Like at Work?document
Lecture 3 – Building Trustvideo
Section 3 – Leading Collaboration

We will be able to look at ways in which you can lead a collaborative environment and check on Simon Sinek's video explaining the 'Circle of Safety'.

Lecture 8 – Creating a Circle of Safetydocument
Lecture 7 – Leading Collaborationvideo
Section 4 – Performance Planning
Lecture 9 – How to Keep your Team Motivatedvideo
Lecture 10 – Performance Planningvideo
Section 5 – Reactive and Proactive Performance Plans

Let's look at the differences between reactive and proactive performance planning. We will also explore how performance is a shared responsibility, between the individual, the team and the organisation.

Lecture 12 – Performance is a Shared Responsibilityvideo
Lecture 11 – Reactive and Proactive Performance Plansvideo
Section 6 – Measuring Performance

How do you measure performance? Let's understand more about Key Result Areas (KRA's) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that drive team performance.

We will look at measuring performance using lead and lag indicators and how they relate to KPIs.

Also the positive and negative effects that Professional Improvement Plans can have on workplace culture.

Lecture 15 – Professional Improvement Plans: The Debatedocument
Lecture 13 – Measuring Performancedocument
Lecture 14 – KPIs: Lead and Lag Indicatorsvideo
Section 7 – What’s your Game Plan?

Using the information throughout this course, take a look at this scenario and think about what three areas you will focus on to get this team back on track.

Lecture 16 – What’s your Game Plan?document
Section 8 – Congratulations! You know How to Build Collaborative, Performance Focused Teams

Where to from here?

Lecture 17 – How to Build Collaborative, Performance Focused Teamsvideo
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