Emerging Insights from L&D Managers

Meeting the Challenges of eLearning Content Engagement

As part of the ongoing work to develop the strategic direction of the Go1 library going forward, we have begun to conduct interviews with L&D Managers at large organisations' to develop insights into their challenges. We're delighted to share some of these with you.  

Emerging insights from interviews with learning and development managers reveal some of the challenges they face. 
  • Collaboration with business functions: L&D managers expend significant effort with business leaders to determine roles, levels, and skill matrices. They curate content against this with external and internally produced content to improve relevancy and specificity. 
  • Increasing engagement: L&D managers confess they struggle with content engagement throughout their organisation. They often partner with line of business leaders to internally market and promote available learning opportunities and benefits. 
  • Content formats: L&D managers source content for different reasons, one of which is content that allows for learning in the flow. This approach enables learners to consume content as and when a need arises, such as during a feedback conversation or when allocated a new project. Additionally, L&D managers increasingly look at new forms of content that learners can consume whilst they may not be in front of their computer (e.g. cooking, commuting, or walking the dog).