Decommissioning Dos & Don'ts

How to ensure the best Learner Experience as your content moves and changes

What does Content Decommissioning mean at Go1? 

For Go1, Content Decommissioning is the process of notifying and actioning the removal of content from the Go1 Platform 

The way in which this is approached is very important to ensure clarity and continuity for customers. 

How does the process work? 

On the 20th of each month, Go1 Operations will collate the retirement requests from our Content Partners for the past 30 days, and set these to become undiscoverable to new users by the end of the subsequent month.  

We will then begin the process of identifying titles with active enrolments, to provide an alternative course offering to customers (where active enrolments >50 customer-wide).  

At the end of the month, the identified titles are no longer discoverable in search, but those with active enrolments have a further 60 days to complete out their course, before they are removed from the Go1 platform. 

This is our standard 30-60-90 approach 

30 - Customers have at least 30 days from notification to enrol any final users in the course 

60 - Existing enrollees have at least a further 60 days from this date, to complete the course 

90 - The decommissioning process is complete and the course is removed for all learners 


To ensure that your content and brand, even in retirement of courses, delivers the best user experience for Learners, the following are the key dos and don'ts for Content Decommissioning in Go1: 


  1. Be aware of the timeframes above and ensure they guide you on when to communicate the content that should be removed from circulation 
  2. Inform Go1 as soon as is practical about your upcoming course retirements (by emailing your CPSM or partnerships@go1.com) - give a future removal date if preferred 
  3. Deliver replacement course details, if applicable, along with your retirements list - so your direct replacement courses are recommended to customers 


  1. Unpublish courses that are live in Go1 Premium 
  2. Delete assets from within Learning Items or courses that are live in Go1 Premium (unless immediately replacing them - see below)
  3. Leave important retirements to the last minute - ensure you give plenty of notice, particularly if a course has/will become non-compliant. 


What if I'm simply updating the content of an existing course or Learning Item? 

If you are simply updating an existing course (and not replacing it with an entirely new item with a new source/ID code) you can make these changes in the course editor by removing & replacing the associated assets and updating the metadata (if appropriate) - there is no need to unpublish the course to achieve this!  

If there are important, material changes in an update (e.g. that would require a Learner to retake the course), please email your CPSM or partnerships@go1.com to let us know and we can ensure we flag the importance with impacted customers.