Learner Proficiencies - Go1 Best Practice

A view of how Go1 considers learner proficiency

Considerations when assigning Learner Proficiency levels

Within the Go1 Content Hub, filtering by 'Level' denotes the suggested competency level prior to starting a course. As we continue to grow, it is important we highlight how our learners can utilise our content offering in such a way they are working towards a level of expertise in any area of interest. By establishing a distinction between one piece of content to another, our learners can feel confident that their goal is achievable with just three presses of the play button.


We all need to start somewhere and that should start with the fundamentals. With content flagged at this level, the focus should be on learning about the key concepts and how to apply them to any workplace environment. Learners at this level of proficiency should be able to demonstrate an awareness of concepts, principles, and context.


The learning experience aligned to this level of proficiency should build on skills and preexisting knowledge stemming from the fundamentals within a given subject matter area. All learners at this level should be able to demonstrate mastery of application, concepts, and skills through practice and refinement.


Building on both the fundamentals and mastery from within any given field, learners at this level should be able to apply practical ideas, solutions and process improvements. As an expert, all learners at this level should be able to demonstrate a level of competency that encourages the coaching of others, along with participation in strategic decision-making and implementation. In general a learner completing at this level should be seen as the “go to” person for all areas related to the chosen field.

Suitable for All

This is content designed with no specific audience in mind, covering a range of proficiencies, with a focus on the learners own desire and self determination in continuous learning.

Do you categorise levels differently from the above? We'd love to hear about your approach if so!