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Certificate in Xero

Career Academy
15 hrs

Certificate in Xero

Career Academy
15 hrs
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry it free
Included in GO1 PremiumStarting from $12 per user for teamsLearn moreTry it free

Course Description

Learn how to use Xero, and FAST!

Gain an intermediate level of knowledge and learn how to use Xero Accounting to manage your own business accounts or your client’s accounts. This Xero training will set you up with a strong understanding and practical knowledge of Xero to advance your business or career. 

Course Duration

Fit study around your schedule, in your own time, and expect the course to take around 15 hours.

Introduction to Xero Online
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
What is Xero?text
Understanding Cloud Accountingtext
What do you need to use Xero?text
Sign up with Xerotext
Your Trial or the Demo Company?text
Two-Step Authenticationtext
Navigate Xerotext
Demo Company Optionstext
Quiz: Introduction to Xero Onlinequiz
Xero Chart of Accounts
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Overview of Chart of Accountstext
Default Accountstext
Delete or Archive Individual Accountstext
Import & Export a Chart of Accountstext
Quiz: Xero Chart of Accountsquiz
Managing Contacts with Xero
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Adding a New Contacttext
Importing and Exporting Contactstext
Merging and Groupstext
Archiving and Restoring Contactstext
Quiz: Managing Contacts with Xeroquiz
Xero Sales, Invoices, Quotes & Inventory
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Creating Invoicestext
Creating Invoices for Groupstext
Customise Invoice Templatestext
Awaiting Payments and Overdue Tabstext
Products and Services Overviewtext
Key Tasks with Inventorytext
Quiz: Xero Sales, Invoicing, Quotes & Inventoryquiz
Xero Purchases & Bills
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Purchases and Bills Overviewtext
Creating New Billstext
Record Payment of a Billtext
Partial Payments and Overpaymentstext
Batch Payments and Deleting Billstext
Sending Remittance Advice and Credit Notestext
Quiz: Xero Purchases & Billsquiz
Xero Bank Reconciliation & Managing Accounts
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
How does Bank Reconciliation work in Xero?text
Connecting Xero with Your Bank Accountstext
Bank Reconciliation Screentext
Reconcile Bank Statement Lines with Xero Transactionstext
Matching Ordertext
The 'Manage Account' Menutext
Changing Dashboard & Bank Account Order/Displaytext
Prepayments and Overpaymentstext
Introduction to Bank Rulestext
Try This Yourselftext
Quiz: Xero Bank Reconciliation & Managing Accountsquiz
Xero Reporting Overview
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Overview of Reportstext
Accessing and Customising Reportstext
Worked Exampletext
Custom Optionstext
Copy Custom Reportstext
Report Viewstext
BAS Returnstext
Try This Yourselftext
Report on Inventory Items that have Been Soldtext
Basic Report Customisationtext
Advanced Report Customisationtext
Quiz: Xero Reporting Overviewquiz
Xero & Payroll Add-ons
Overview & Learning Outcomestext
Payroll Integration with Xerotext
Xero and ePayrolltext
Xero and PaysOnlinetext
Xero and Cloud Payrolltext
Xero and Tandatext
Xero and KeyPaytext
Xero and Xero Payrolltext
Quiz: Xero and Payroll Add-onsquiz