Building Your Nonprofit Board - The Smart Way

Cindi Phallen

Building Your Nonprofit Board - The Smart Way

Cindi Phallen
A$200per person

Many nonprofit leaders find themselves struggling for a clear direction without all the chaos. They are looking for committed volunteers they can count on to maximize the mission. If you want a more engaged board, more active volunteers, access to more resources and less stress, you’ll want to take this video training!

·There are 3 videos sections with 13 mini-videos designed for easy watching - whenever you want and you have lifetime access! (approx. 2 hours long total)

·These videos are packed with actionable content; I’ll be covering 9 topics all related to building your board.

·PLUS I give you a simple, downloadable 19-page Guide Book where you can take notes and answer questions that I developed to speed up how you can apply what you learn to your work; the appendix has a few templates for your use also.

·BONUS – free access to me via the discussion board or email, so I can continue to support your work!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 1. Demonstrate how The Impact Triangle can dramatically change your results – mindset, relationships and winning practices
  • 2. Identify why a clear vision and strategic priorities are critical to your success and how to leverage that vision
  • 3. Explain how a board development committee can function as an essential part of your smart system.
  • 4. Outline the 6 smart steps in selecting excellent board members
  • 5. Ensure you are ready to provide a dynamic, relevant and successful orientation for new members
  • 6. Outline the 6 smart steps to increasing engagement among board members so you can increase impact; and an additional 5 more smart steps related to engaging board members individually!
  • 7. Examine how you can effectively provide development opportunities for your board members
  • 8. Outline the 4 smart steps to evaluating board performance as part of creating a culture of accountability.
  • 9. Introduce the 5 smart steps in succession planning so you can institutionalize your leadership practices.

What is the target audience?

  • Nonprofit board members
  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Staff

What are the requirements?

  • Any nonprofit leader - volunteer or staff - who works with board members will benefit. Things like organization size, type of mission, or how long you've been established do not matter. Be sure you have headphones, or a quiet place to listen through your device's speaker so you can hear clearly. Your guide book is needed to support your learning as you enjoy these videos, so print it out and grab a pen.