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Webinar: What does diversity and inclusion at work look like in 2020?

Kerrie-Anne Chinn
Jun 15, 2020

A conversation with Maureen Frank and Elise Stephenson about building more diverse workplaces and designing better workplace culture amidst the upheaval of 2020. 

Many organisations are fatigued with an approach to diversity and inclusion which doesn’t seem to get impactful results. 

With remote or social distanced work becoming more of a new normal, workplaces are also rethinking the way they work day-to-day - and this includes the way in which diversity and inclusion training is being delivered. 

Amidst the upheaval of 2020, how do we make sure we’re designing better ways of work? How can we be sure we’re building more diverse workplaces and designing better workplace culture?

We explored all these questions and more during our most recent webinar. Catch up on the recording below:

In this webinar, GO1’s Social Impact Manager Cam Cliff was joined by Maureen Frank, Chief Disruption Officer and Founder of Emberin, and Elise Stephenson, researcher at Griffith University and Co-Founder of the Social Good Outpost to discuss workplace diversity and inclusion. 

They covered:

  • the current state of workplace diversity and inclusion in the landscape of 2020
  • what changes are being seen in workplaces
  • the journey of a female leader - and some of the common barriers experienced on that journey
  • how we can conduct remote work in a way that encourages diverse thoughts to come forth
  • what does the future look like, with remote or social distanced work becoming more of a new normal?

We'd like to thank Elise and Maureen for taking the engaging and enlightening conversation on the day. If you missed out or would like to rewatch, click here!

Read more about what diversity and inclusion look like post-Covid in this downloadable article by Emberin's Maureen Frank.

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