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Introducing ViaUp - bringing fun to corporate training with engaging interactive learning experiences

Mikaela Gladden
Feb 14, 2020

At GO1, we partner with the world’s top training providers, to bring you the best training content available. 

Today we want to introduce you to ViaUp, an Australian-based content creator focused on strong narratives, high-quality design and just a little bit of fun to make sure people feel engaged, enriched, and most important of all, entertained when undertaking eLearning.

Through our partnership with ViaUp, GO1 Premium customers will now have access to a range of extraordinary interactive learning experiences that can create positive lasting change within the workplace. 

ViaUp prioritises user engagement and experience, using story-telling techniques to bring their content to life, creating corporate learning that resonates. 

Learn more about the ViaUp x GO1 partnership here

ViaUp courses are developed with the fundamental principles in mind - that organisations can achieve their missions if they ensure employees understand and appreciate the importance of:

  • An inclusive workplace
  • A healthy workplace
  • A safe workplace
  • A sustainable workplace

Created in collaboration with leading subject matter experts, ViaUp’s learning material is relevant and at the forefront of current discussions and trends on the subject matter. 

Get started with ViaUp content today!

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