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Introducing HealthStaffEd – adaptable, responsive and customisable learning content

Mikaela Gladden
Jun 2, 2020

At GO1, we partner with some of the best learning content providers from across the world, to bring you up-to-date specialist training for your industry.  

That is why today we are delighted to introduce you to HealthStaffEd - providers of adaptable, responsive and customisable learning content to meet the needs of a dynamic healthcare workforce.

Through this partnership, GO1 Premium customers will now be able to access over 200 hours of learning content covering topics such as infection prevention, professional obligations and duty of care, as well as a vast array of specialist subjects.

Learn more about HealthStaffEd below:

A little bit more about HealthStaffEd

HealthStaffEd aims to provide interactive CPD content that will be relevant to everyone – no matter what specialty. Their constantly growing library targets different levels of skills and experience and stays on top of the current best available evidence, guidelines, legislation and standards.

All HealthStaffEd courses:

  • are developed in Australia for Australian health care workers
  • are current, relevant and learner focussed 
  • meet the AHPRA criteria for formal CPD for nurses, midwives and almost all other health professionals
  • have been crafted using evidence-based research which are peer reviewed and regularly updated
  • are accessible on any screen anywhere at anytime

"We at HealthStaffEd say learning is not finite - it is a constant and evolving process. Our aim is be a part of that process by providing the best in CPD to our target audience.”

Explore content from HealthStaffEd here!

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