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Introducing Blokepedia - inspiring positive change for men’s health and wellbeing

Mikaela Gladden
May 6, 2020

As a GO1 customer, you’re no doubt familiar with many of our professional development and compliance training providers by now. But did you know the GO1 Premium library also includes online learning around the important topic of mental health?

Today we’d like you to meet Blokepedia - a new GO1 content provider who are passionate about improving the lives of Australian men. 

Blokepedia’s mission is to create positive change through opportunities for connection, learning, and individual development.

Through our partnership with Blokepedia, GO1 Premium customers will now have access to a range of online resources developed to empower and support men to optimise their social, emotional and physical health. 



A little bit more about Blokepedia…

With the support of leading health professionals and the lived experiences of everyday men, Blokepedia have developed the Men’s Health and Wellbeing Toolkit which is aimed at addressing the issues and topics that impact the lives of Australian men. These include:

  • dealing with change
  • social connection
  • fatherhood
  • healthy lifestyle
  • mental health. 

“The importance of men opening up and sharing their stories with each other is about more than just mental health. It’s about community. It’s about connecting. It’s about being there for each other so we can all feel supported and connected. Through this we are less likely to feel isolated and more likely to feel valued,” Blokepedia founder Josh Quarmby says.

GO1 is proud to be working with Blokepedia as they continue to create a caring and supportive community that encourages men to connect, openly share their stories and have conversations that really matter.

Start exploring content from Blokepedia!

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